Monday, January 10, 2011

Who's boycotting Israel for Money

9:00 AM News report on Galei Tzahal has identified 2 of the 20 companies that have chosen to boycott their fellow countrymen and deny Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Golan, in exchange for cash from the Palestinian Authority for working on the Arab town of Rawabi.

The companies named so far are:

Ytong denies they signed the contract with the anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic/Apartheid clause in it, but they are working in Rawabi (either directly or through contractors).

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority stated that no Israeli company working in Rawabi is allowed to work there without having signed the contract. (Who do you believe?)

More information, clarifications, and companies will be listed as information becomes available.


Teldor has a factory in the Golan.

Knesset Economics Committee meeting this morning to discuss companies who signed boycott.

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tiffanyjewelry770 said...

I quite agree with this article!Thank you for your efforts!

tzipschum said...

Is there any pressure that can be put upon these companies to change their decision? How can they be convinced the holy dollar is not so holy?

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