Monday, January 03, 2011

Who really killed Jawaher Abu Rahma

IDF has announced that Jawaher ABu Rahma was not even at the violent, weekly Bil'in protest.

So how did Jawaher ABu Rahma die?

Apparently she died of cancer (probably Leukemia) - completely unconnected to the protest.

In fact, she was in a Ramallah hospital for 10 days prior to her death.

All her family's, the Left's, and the PA's statements about teargas poisoning are typical Palestinian lies and slander which are readily eaten up by the Left and gullible (synonyms for the same thing).

Now you know also why the PA refused to cooperate with the IDF investigation.

So the next time you hear an accusation from any of them against Israel. Take a deep breath, count to 10, and just ignore what they say.

Jameel is attending a special news conference with the IDF spokesperson at 9:30PM tonight specifically to discuss Bil'in. It will be a separate post.

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ck said...

Wow. Has this been absolutely confirmed? What has the response been from the usual suspects?

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