Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt's New "Democracy" Wants to Destroy Israel

Stop fooling yourselves about the wonderful "democracy" evolving in Egypt.

CNN's Nick Robertson speaks with some of the "Democracy seeking" Muslim protesters who have nothing but genocidal remarks to offer him. This wasn't shown on CNN in the USA (to the best of my knowledge)

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Anonymous said...

May God bless and protect you all.

Sasha said...

Clarity is our friend.

Shades of Grey said...

This is absolutely frightening.

NormanF said...

This is what we can expect if there free elections and the MB takes over.

We should be giving Mubarak carte blanche to dispose of Islamists, but instead we empower them.

Its insane!

yoni r. said...

2 points:
- They have other grievances besides Israel.
- More importantly, these are a few people. You can find people with similar feelings in every country in the world (including Israel). That said, I'm not so naive as to think that the people in the video are alone in their opinions, but one video clip of a few people hardly supports a conclusion that the Egyptian democracy wants to destroy Israel.

Anyway, I think this is good news. Let Egypt attack us. We'll counter-attack, and take back the Sinai with all of its oil.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yoni: Let Egypt attack us? They have the second largest F16 airforce in the Middle East, courtesy of the USA.

A war with Egypt is not a simple 6 day victory anymore.

Even if we win back the Sinai, we'll have to give it away anyway for "peace."

Lastly, any new government in Egypt will be include the "Moslem Brotherhood" -- which is the Egyptian flavor of Hamas. More bad news for Israel...

Anonymous said...

Off topic...

Jordan is having some of the same problems with its Bedouin that we are.

Anonymous said...

No - I saw it on CNN here in the US. Both the CNN correspondent and the anchor in the studio carefully ignored the man's statements about Israel. I don't know if they've aired the segment again.

Also interesting how the women all quieted down and looked subdued when the bearded guy in the blue hat started his rant.

Anonymous said...

please repost:

this is a guy who I have been reading for years and he has a pretty sane attitude towards Israel
(he doesn't hate us and doesn't love us, he sees us as people just like everyone else, and he always makes fun of people who blame things on the JOOZ)

Anonymous said...

there's an audio interview with sandmonkey at Roger Simon of Pajamas Media

shortly afterwards, it was tweeted that he was arrested while on the way to tahrir square with medical supplies

Anonymous said...

reposted from google's cache, here:

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