Monday, January 03, 2011

IDF Press Conference on Death of Abu Rahma

10 PM - Exclusive Update:

Senior IDF military sources briefed an exclusive group of bloggers this evening on the events surrounding this past Friday's Bilin demonstration and the "alleged tear gassing to death" of a Palestinian woman, Jawaher Abu Rahma.

IDF: We have reason to believe that the death 2 days ago was because of another reason than what the Palestinians are claiming (tear gas inhalation).

Facts: Abu Rahma's documented lab work is dated on Friday at 2:45 PM.
Her admission time to the ER in the same Ramallah hospital was 3:20 PM.

Hospital Lab work is usually done after you arrive at the hospital, not before you arrive.

There is no hospital ER admission report, no ER summary report, and no hospital records of this woman.

The official PA Ramallah Hospital's death certificate for Abu Rahma states as the cause of death as follows (this is word for word):

Cause of death “Inhaling gas of an Israeli solider according to the family”

That is the entire medical basis for the family's allegations.

We know this woman visited the same hospital 10 days ago and many other times in the past month. When we looked at the medication she was taking – it was for cancer.

We have never heard of anyone dying from inhaling tear gas (5 years of experience with this particular tear gas). There were hundreds of other rioters in the same open air location, in broad daylight and yet she was the only one "allegedly" affected by the gas.

Palestinians claim she has been participating in the riots for the past 5 years as her brother is the head leader of the weekly Bil'in riots.

However, there are no photos of this woman participating at this riot or ANY riot over the past 5 years, and these riots occur on a weekly basis and are heavily photographed and documented.

We always see photos of rioters – yet this time, no photos appeared of this woman.

We believe there are many unsolved questions – and our assumptions are:

1. Abu Rahma wasn't event at the riot
2. Abu Rahma died at her home
3. Abu Rahma was chronically ill

Additionally, the IDF buys this tear gas/riot-dispersal method from companies abroad, and this is the same non-lethal tear gas used by riot control forces around the Western world.

More details to be updated here in a few minutes (10:00 PM)

Update; 10:04 PM

IDF has heard about the honor killing theory, that Abu Rahma was stabbed to death for being pregnant as a family "honor killing", however they cannot confirm this and the direction they currently are progressing is more in towards death from a chronic illness.

Israel's High Court ruled that the IDF must change the path of the security fence to go outside of Bil'in, thereby agreeing to the Palestinian claims. The new fence is under construction and should be completed within a few months. The IDF will remove the older fence once the new one is complete -- therefore the current riots are completely propaganda.

Abu Rahma's brother was the primary leader of the riots – therefore we would expect his sister to be by his side – but there’s no documentation of her being at any of the riots over the past 5 years, or at this one in particular.

Lastly, the reports to the press and IDF from the Palestinians is that 1 person was lightly wounded in the riot, and released from the Ramallah hospital to their home, an hour after admittance. The reports were changed later that two people in total were lightly wounded and released after an hour.


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Jenny said...

It's nice to know, but sadly, once again, it's too little too late...

What do they say? A lie has run halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes?

ODannyBoy said...

these palestinians and leftists are like tawana brawley

ehwhy said...

I also find it interesting that the Western Media I normally follow never picked up on this story. Perhaps the reporters there also thought the story was suspicious.

Felim said...

Jameel — I'm sorry but I can't figure out where you are quoting from IDF directly/indirectly and which are your own comments above. Can you clarify which parts of section marked "10 PM - Exclusive Update" are attributable to IDF?

JoeSettler said...

The entire post above is what the IDF said. No commentary was added.

It was split into 2 parts (10:00 and 10:04) to get the most important part published as soon as the briefing was completed.

Felim said...


Thanks for reply JoeSettler. Were you also privy to the IDF briefing? Jameel, can you confirm that entire post is attributable to IDF? Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

If there was no Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, none of these tragedies would happen. Israeli government must negotiate a mutually satisfactory peace settlement (as has been said, with its "enemies", not its "friend")

An 18 month baby was documented as dying in Silwan from toxicity from this same tear gas, approximately 2 months ago. So YES people do die from tear gas inhalation.

Yes, this same gas is used around the world, but NOWHERE as frequently and in as much quantity as in Israel. In fact, Israel is EXACTLY THAT: a laboratory on the dangers, including lethal dangers, of this gas.

Anonymous said...

FIRST: The IOF is not in Gaza, so that statement proves to be false.

SECONDLY: Another example of Pallywood and lies. Thanks for bringing up that fake story. Reminds me of the Al-Dura Hoax.

THIRDLY: You are full of crap. That might explain your exposure to excessive gas.

Anonymous said...

A extremist left friend has given me the following links to counter the IDF claims. Please can you write a blog addressing them:

This includes supposed scans of hospital reports (including ER report) and a tweet from an NGO saying this woman was going to hospital AT THE TIME the IDF claims she wasn't.

The below is another hospital form from the late woman's visit:

I look forward to your response.

Shavoah Tov

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the aphrodisiac spike bubble gum that killed her.

Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Your "extremist left friend" should read this which shows the quality of his "evidence", the lack of credibility of his witness testimonies (even after you finally got everyone on the same page, it doesn't change what they originally said before you got your stories straight and how their testimonies all conflicted with one another and with what they say now) and the incredibly shoddy, incomplete, unprofessional, and highly questionable (when was it really written?) medical report, the basic lack of evidence that blood tests were even given, and the rush to bury her instead of doing even a minimal postmortem.

Anonymous said...

Baaaa Baaa Baaa

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