Friday, January 07, 2011

PA releases - IDF Captures

The PA (Palestinian Authority) released 5 Hamas terrorists yesterday. The order for release came directly from PA President Abbas.

IDF promptly recaptured them.

Coming soon: Update on investigation of death Jawaher Abu-Raham.

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Kovi said...

what was this about? details?

JoeSettler said...

The other day, the Palestinian Authority, by direct order of President Abbas released 6 Hamas terrorist directly involved in murdering a number of Jews, including a pregnant woman this past summer.

It did so, because it is trying to create a reconciliation with Hamas (in short return to the heady Oslo days).

The IDF promptly captured them, and they are now sitting back in a real prison where they belong (actual they should be executed, but that's a separate issue).

During the recapture an Arab noncombatant was accidentally killed.

JoeSettler said...

From what I understand, 5 of the 6 were recaptured. I'm not sure about the 6th right now.

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