Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boycotts and First Fruits

The news around town has lately been about the latest Palestinian boycott against Settler products. The PA is now planning a series of fines and jail time against any Arab caught stocking or selling products made in the Settlements.

Apparently they unofficially backed down from preventing Arabs from working in the Settlements once they realized that their entire economy would crash and families would starve if they enforced that.

With Shavuot tonight, this whole boycott of Settler products (now how exactly does that promote peace?) kind of reminds me last year's Bikkurim activities at Shimon Peres's house.

There was an event last year where farmers from the Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association brought their first fruits to the President's house.

'When the farmers were asked whether there was any produce from across the Green Line, the reply was an emphatic "no."'

Not much difference as far as I can see.

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Anonymous said...

This is the Shimon Peres that just offered the Syrians the Golan Heights?

The man has no limits to his Chutzpa (and idiotic statements).

1198 said...

i find the right-wing reaction to the boycott puzzling. on one hand settlers want the palestinians to leave and on the other hand they want them to keep buying from them.

We must end the occupation, the 1.5 million palestinians in the west bank are not going to disappear.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard people say that the 1.5 Million "palestinians" who are occupying the west bank should leave. No one is chasing them away.

1198 said...

so what should happen to them?

1198 said...

and how are they occupying the west bank!?

1199 said...

There are plenty of solutions to the Arabs immigrants of Arabia occupying the Jewish Homeland.

yoni r. said...

From the context of the article about Peres, it's impossible to tell if the question was asked in such a way so as to make sure that there was no "offensive" over-the-green-line fruit, or just wondering if fruit from over-the-green-line was represented.

The sentence before the one you cited reads, "The produce was brought by growers from all over the country, including the Golan Heights, the western Negev and the Arava." In that context, it makes sense that, since a large geographical area with Israeli farmers was seemingly not represented, one would wonder if this is indeed the case. (Sort of like when a comedian asks, "Anyone in the audience from Cleveland?")

It's also not entirely clear that it was Peres who asked the question, since a representative of the Agricultural Ministry was also present.

As for the "resoundingness" of the answer, it could be chalked up to editorializing. Even if the farmers did proudly proclaim that their group was "settler-free", the blame for that should go to the farmers, not Peres.

1198 said...

by the logic your using, most of the world is being occupied. In no sense are the palestinians in the west bank occupiers.

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