Sunday, May 30, 2010

PA Boycott hurts... Arabs

None of this is really a surprise, but still it is important to point out.

The PA boycott of "settler" products has a number of interesting dimensions that many people aren't aware of.

For instance, the PA has passed a law that PA residents may not use Israeli SIM cards in their cellphones, only SIM cards supplied by PA companies.

Conveniently enough, Mahmoud Abbas's 2 sons (Tarek and Yasser) are owners and officers in the Wataniya cellular phone company supplying SIM cards within the PA. (Source: Makor Rishon, weekend print edition).

Tarek is a VP in Wataniya, and Yasser sits on the investors panel that decided to give them money.

For more open hints of the PA/Wataniya corruption scandal read this! - It took me a while to find the links, but if you want to get an idea as to how the peace corruption works in the PA (with US dollars), this is a good place to start. Reminds me of the Jericho casino.

It upsets the PA that PA Arabs make a living from dealing with Jews or any examples of coexistence with Jews for that matter, so over the weekend the PA burned down 2 PA Arab stores in Hebron for doing business with Jews.

But most interesting is how much the PA is willing to hurt their own population in their hatred of the Jews.

The PA has demanded that Arabs stop working in Jewish companies in the "Settlements". They've even promised them "jobs" to compensate for quitting (and threatened them if they don't).

Of course there is one small problem.

For instance, the average salary of an Arab working in the Barkan industrial park (apparently hundred if not thousands work there), is between  7000 - 8000 shekels a month. The PA wants them to quit, and is threatening them to quit., but meanwhile has only promised them salaries of up 1500 shekels a month.  (Source: Makor Rishon, weekend print edition).

With 8000 shekels a month in the PA, you can live like a king.

Let me tell you, most of these Arabs are apparently quite happy being "Occupied". Their families appreciate being "Occupied". Their cellphones appreciate being "Occupied". They don't want to quit.

In fact, it turns out that quite a number of Arabs in Hebron living right next to Jewish areas want to move, and would be happy to "return" (sell) their stolen homes back to the Jewish community.

But besides the PA threat to murder them if they do so, there is another dimension that was just revealed.

Makor Rishon in an expose uncovered that the Red Cross and other foreign organizations are paying these residents a lot of money each month to NOT leave. The Arabs openly listed the extra cash payments they are receiving for not leaving. And the Red Cross and other organizations did not deny they are paying these Arabs money every month, only unlike the Arabs, they claim it is for humanitarian aid - something these Arabs said they don't really need.

Perhaps the first step to peace is kicking all these foreign organizations out of Israel.

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1198 said...

the Palestinians are occupied. why the quotation marks?

Nosson Gestetner said...

"Makor Rishon in an expose uncovered that the Red Cross and other foreign organizations are paying these residents a lot of money each month to NOT leave."

Link please? Why has this been so low profile?

1190 said...

All the more reason to support the overthrow of the illegal dictatorship in Jordan and give power to the disenfranchised Palestinians majority.

ODannyBoy said...

The "Palestinians" are occupying Jewish land.

Anonymous said...

1198: you are such an idiot. you keep coming to this blog. making the same stupid remarks and completely ignoring what the post is about.
you are just a troll, and a boring one at that.

Lurker said...

1198: the Palestinians are occupied.

Oh, really? So then what were they before 1967?

1198 said...

How are the palestinians not occupied in the west bank?! They cant vote and they are under the control of the israeli government.

before 67 they were occupied by the egyptions and the jordanians.

Jordan is 50% palestinian, not a majority, besides Israel had from 67-88 to give the arab parts of the west bank to jordan.

Soccer Dad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Soccer Dad said...

From the start, the PLO was more of an organized crime syndicate than a national liberation movement.

How important is the PLO?

The man who swallowed Gaza

Investing in Arafat

1190 said...

Shmuck and Idiot.

The Arabs voted for Arafat, for Abbas and for Hamas. The Arabs have their own army.
They even now have a state in Gaza with no Jews in it.
If they haven't had their latest elections on time it is their own fault.

Go take your lie somewhere else.

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