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Deportation Orders: USA vs. The Green Prince

A few months ago, I posted about a fascinating individual, Mosab Hassan Yousef -- more famously known as, "The Green Prince". I described him before as follows:

Known as "The Green Prince," Mosab Yousef was perhaps the most valuable intelligence asset of Israel's "Shabak" security forces, as he infiltrated the upper echelons of Hamas and the Palestinian terrorist organizations -- he was responsible for literally savings the lives of countless Israelis.

And he didn't do it for money. He converted to Christianity, and out of a deep moral conviction, he believed that helping Israel was the correct thing to do.

This ethical and moral champion has been living in the United States of America for the past 3 years. His story however, has just taken a radical turn for the worse, as he writes on his blog:

I have worn many hats in 32 years—Muslim, Christian, son of Hamas, Prisoner 823, spy, traitor, USAID administrator, businessman, best-selling author.

Now I am Homeland Security File# A 088 271 051.

And, according to these “highly trained” civil servants, I am a threat to America’s national security and must be deported.

On June 30, at 8 a.m., I have a hearing before Immigration Judge Rico J. Bartolomei at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration Court in San Diego.

But I am not worried about this. I am outraged! My only concern is about a security system that is so primitive and naive that it endangers the lives of countless Americans. Honestly, Judge Bartolomei’s verdict really does not matter. If he rules to deport me, I will appeal. And Homeland Security has assured me that, if he rules in my favor, they will appeal. And this insane merry-go-round can go on like that for decades.

My concern is not about being deported. It is that I am being forced to stand and defend myself as a terrorist! This is ridiculous. And as long as this case is in the courts, I cannot leave the United States. If I do, I will never be able to return. For what? For risking my life fighting terrorism in the Middle East for ten years? For saving the lives of Israelis, Palestinians and Americans?

- Deportation from the USA is a virtual death sentence for the Green Prince, and his blood would forever stain the hands of US Homeland Security and the administration forcing his deportation.

- Despite official denials, some hint that the US advocates dialogue with [the less radical elements within] Hamas and Hizbollah -- yet for someone who is avowedly NOT a terrorist, the USA is trying its best to deport him.

Its incredibly painful to read his blog:

Recently, I received a document in which Homeland Security senior attorney Kerri Calcador claimed that, “In the book, the respondent discusses his extensive involvement with Hamas in great detail. For example, in one portion of the book, a member of Shin Bet shows the respondent a list of suspects implicated in a March 2001 suicide bombing and asks the respondent whether he knows the individuals. The respondent indicates that he does know five of the people on the list and states that he previously drove them to safe houses.”

On page 5, Ms. Calcador concluded that, “At a bare minimum, evidence of the respondent’s transport of Hamas members to safe houses—discussed above in the Statement of the Case as but one example of the respondent’s involvement with Hamas—indicates that the respondent provided material support to a [Tier I] terrorist organization.

Is she kidding? Either Homeland Security’s chief attorney has zero reading comprehension, or else she intentionally took the passage out of context. And I am not sure which is worse.

Even a child reading the book can see that, during that time, I was working as a secret agent for the Shin Bet (Israeli’s internal security service, comparable to our FBI). My job required me to do anything I could to be involved with my father’s activities. So when he asked me to go with him to pick up these guys when they were released from the Palestinian Authority prison, I went.

First of all, no one—not me, not my father, not even Israel—knew at the time that these men were involved with suicide bombings. With all of its assets, the Shin Bet did not put the pieces together for three more years.

Second, I was the one who connected these men with the bombing at the Hebrew University cafeteria in July 2002. And Homeland Security would do well to remember that there were five American citizens among the dead. Apparently the agency needs also to be reminded that I was the one who located the terrorists and led to their arrest or death.

Did the American government launch a special investigation to find their killers? No. Even the Israeli government had no idea who or where they were. I am not boasting, but the record is clear that I was pivotal to bringing them all to justice. And Homeland Security today tells me “thank you” by trying to deport me!

Yes, while working for Israeli intelligence, I posed as a terrorist. Yes, I carried a gun. Yes, I was in terrorist meetings with Yassir Arafat, my father and other Hamas leaders. It was part of my job. And I passed on to the Shin Bet all the information I gathered during those meetings and saved the lives of many people—including many Americans.

Maybe Homeland Security only read a few chapters of my book. If they would have bothered to read all 251 pages, they would know that I also worked with 40 Americans on the USAID water project in the West Bank for five years. Who took care of their security? Who warned them not to come to Ramallah if there was going to be an Israeli military incursion or if there would be shooting? Who protected their offices? I wasn’t being paid to do that. I did it because of a Christian morality that taught me to love, not hate. I protected my manager. I protected everybody. Nobody hurt them.

Is this the behavior of someone who is a threat to Americans?

If Homeland Security cannot tell the difference between a terrorist and a man who spent his life fighting terrorism, how can they protect their own people?

Why is Homeland Security wasting its time investigating a former Israeli intelligence operative, instead of looking for the real terrorists out there? Is it personal? Racial? Political? Or just stupidity?

I recommend you read his whole story.

He asks 2 simple things from us, which is the absolute least we can do.

1. Share his blog post and his story with as many people as you can.

2. Express your outrage by writing letters to:

Kerri Calcador
Senior Attorney
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
880 Front Street, Suite 224
San Diego, California 92101

or call her at 619.557.5578.

If you live in the San Diego area, come to his hearing at 8 a.m. on June 30 and see for yourself Homeland Security in action.

People: Its not often you can personally help someone who has saved the lives of countless Jews, Israelis and Americans. This isn't someone who has broken the law and deserves your help -- this is someone who has saved lives and deserves justice.

Do the right thing -- spread the word.

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Mosab Hassan Yousef said...

Thanks Jameel.

Is that really your name?


Nosson Gestetner said...

You have to wonder what motivates Homeland Security when they go after people.

annie said...

I've posted this on a blog I read, and posted your request for action. I hope it succeeds.

ProfK said...

I posted your posting in total at my blog. A few people have asked for any other links you have that might tell what Israel has been doing about this or any other news sources you could give us. Thanks in advance.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

ProfK: Will get to it first thing in the AM.

Thanks everyone.

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