Thursday, May 13, 2010

Srugim Going to the USA

Bangitout reports:
The Most talked about Israeli TV show "Srugim" is finally making it's way to the US...and yes, with English subtitles.

Here are two ways of getting at all of the episodes:

1. - The Jewish Channel (on Time Warner ch. 528, RCN ch. 268) is running a new episode every Saturday night; check

- Also has teamed up with The JCC of Manhattan and are screening 2 episodes of season 1 every Wednesday Night at the JCC (followed by a happy hour at the West Side Brewery) check the schedule here (it costs $5 dollars a screening, or $20 dollars for the entire series)
I don't know if its "the most talked about" Israeli TV show, but its definitely up there.

I haven't watched the whole second season, but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. I assume we'll post about it in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

non israelis can see these episodes on line for free at eg
of course without english subtitles...

jonathan becker said...

they should call srugim "hey, look how normal we are!"

it's a lie. we're not "normal" and we don't want to be. and even those of us who do want to be don't do it very well.

give it up, jameel. join the "crazy as hell and proud of it". you know you want to.

Anonymous said...

You "assume" you'll be blogging about it? I guess you're not very far in to season 2 if you haven't yet figured out what is blogworthy! Get on with it already, the world wants to know what you think!

Anonymous said...

The season is finished already and you did not write anything yet

Lurker said...

jonathan becker: they should call srugim "hey, look how normal we are!"

You should take a look at the review of Srugim's second season in this past Friday's Dyokan magazine section of Makor Rishon. The author mercilessly trashed the entire season, in very harsh terms -- precisely because he saw it as not projecting the image of "normalcy" that you think it is projecting.

For the record, I totally disagree with him, and with you. And I found the entire second season of Srugim to be incredibly powerful and thought-provoking, albeit very heavy and depressing. But that, too, is part of real life.

I find it fascinating that two people (you and the Makor Rishon reviewer) could have such diametrically opposed views of the exact same thing...

JoeSettler said...

I'm not enjoying the second season as much. I'm finding the issues and situations he created forced and artificial just in order to create a story.
And where are the English speakers?

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