Sunday, May 23, 2010

Demanding Rights for Palestinians

From the Daily Lebanon. The Muqata fully endorses this march.
BEIRUT: A full-day march will be organized throughout the country next month to protest against all Lebanese laws discriminating against Palestinians. The Palestinian Civil and Socio-Economic Network said participants would gather in Sidon, Tripoli, the Bekaa, Mount Lebanon and Beirut on Sunday, June 27 and to march toward the Parliament building in Beirut, where a delegation of MPs will be waiting. They will deliver a petition to the concerned authorities, demanding the amendment of laws that discriminate against Palestinians and violate the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those interested in participating may contact Ammar Youzbashy at 03 123153 or Sahar al-Bashir at 70 996918. – The Daily Star
And while some demand rights of Palestinians in Lebanon, others are ensuring that Gazan kids won't enjoy summer camp this year.
Gaza, May 23, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) - About forty unknown armed people attacked Sunday one of the largest camps set up by the UNRWA on the shores of Gaza Strip, local sources reported.

Adnan Abu Hasna, the spokesman for UNRWA, said that the attack on the camp took place in Sheikh Al-Ajlan area in eastern Gaza, media sources reported.

"The destroyed camp was among camps that organize 'summer games' for Palestinian school children," he added.

He noted that the UNRWA camps also offer educational programs and physical education activities.
Other Arab news sites stated that the camp guards were given 4 bullets with a message expressing dissatisfaction with the camps, and death threats to those who would work there this summer. One website in Hebrew noted disappointment with the low standards of morality taught at the camp.

Two years ago we wrote about the educational summer camps in Gaza.

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