Monday, May 24, 2010

Hamas's Representative in the Knesset

It was funny. I was thinking of how Obama's John Brennan wants the US regime to talk to "moderate" elements in Hizbollah, apparently believing that the political wing of a terrorist organization are moderates. But that's a separate discussion.

As I was thinking about it, it was pointed out to me that terrorists have their own political representation in our Knesset.

At least one Arab MK is wanted for spying for Hizbollah. Other Arab MKs have again been visiting enemy countries, and MK Ahmed Tibi didn't get the moniker as Arafat's adviser for nothing.

But apparently Arab MK Ahmed Tibi has switched sides - no he hasn't become a Zionist. He's seems to have switched allegiances from Fatah to Hamas.

The Knesset is working on passing the Shalit Law. As long as Gilad Shalit is a prisoner, and certainly as long as we have no information on him, terrorists in Israeli jails will lose perks such as visitation, TVs, DVDs, telephones, and more.

Now keep in mind. We in Israel have no idea as to Gilad Shalit's condition in Arab captivity. He may be tortured every day. He may sit in a dark room all tied up. He may be starved. We have no idea. So when Hamas threatens to worsen his conditions in return, we don't even know what that means. We have no idea how he is being treated, so threats to worsen his condition are essentially meaningless.

Now this proposed law has upset Hamas, this proposed law has upset Hamas prisoners, and this proposed law has upset Hamas's representative in the Knesset, Ahmed Tibi.

Why did I say that Tibi has switched side?

Because in an interview yesterday on IBA (around 21 minutes in), he was so distraught and upset with the proposed Shalit Law that he slipped and made it quite clear who he represents in the Knesset.

You can listen to it yourself here, and here is the text of what he said.
"What is this for? What is this provocation for?...

Just like you're putting pressure on prisoners in jail, WE'LL put pressure on Gilad Shalit. You'll bring on this response.

Now I'm sure, someone will try to take his statement out of context and say he was speaking rhetorically, as if he was Hamas, and not their advocate, but that wouldn't really fit with all his earlier statements in the interview where he wants all the terrorists freed from prison, or his familiar behavior as Arafat's adviser.

Can you imagine for a minute if Arab MKs went to the Knesset to fight for the needs of their Israeli-Arab constituency instead of constantly trying to undermine or even destroy the State of Israel?

Because the only alternative to consider is that they really are fighting for the desires of their Arab constituency.

Jameel Adds:

The JPost reported today how the proposed bill to reduce prisoner perks is being coldly received by the UN Human Rights council.

A senior source at the UN Human Rights council commented, "we are hearing worrisome news coming from Jerusalem," according to Army Radio. The source continued, "Israel can expect questions about the bill when it appears before a committee hearing in July."

Questions? These are perks for heavens's sake. They don't even need visitation rights from the International Red Cross, because they see their families ALL THE TIME!

What other country gives convicted terrorists, "perks" in the form of free college educational degrees, generous family visitations, TV viewing, books, radio reception?! And limiting these perks is cause for the Arabs (including Israeli Arabs) to go berserk, stating this will cause a new intifada?

It's about time this bill was proposed.

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NormanF said...

The dhimmi Jews put up with Arab Fifth Columnists in their own legislature.

Treason can be very rewarding in Israel. Last I heard, the dhimmi Jews are still sending Hezbollah spy and traitor Azmi Bishara his Knesset severance check!

NormanF said...

JoeSettler, don't worry, the dhimmi Jews will do nothing to offend the Arabs' sensitivities. Wake me up if this bill actually ever becomes law!

jonathan becker said...

tibi is scum and everyone knows it. i think even the arabs know it, and he knows that they know, which is why he gets all huffy from time to time and pretends to identify with the "opressed". he's far from opressed and in fact lives off the tax money of his imagined "oppressors". he can't get around that, and he isn't fooling anybody except maybe the europeans.

yoni r. said...

I still can't understand why the perks are being limited only as long as Shalit is in captivity. Make the provisions of the bill permanent.

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