Monday, May 31, 2010

Ship of Fools

The anti-Gilad Shalit flotilla was stopped early this morning by Israeli Naval forces. Al Jazeera and Turkish media are reporting deaths and injuries among the floating Hamas terrorist supporters.

Israeli news is reporting that the floating Hamas supporters attacked the naval soldiers with knives and bars and tried to grab their weapons. The soldiers initially responded with tear gas.

We're waiting to hear from reliable media sources as the how many anti-Semites were hurt or killed (if any).

Yesterday, Israel Radio rebroadcasted the singing and chanting coming from the boat. The chants were all anti-Semitic, called for the invasion of Israel by Islamic forces, and called for the destruction of Israel.

Last week, the father of Gilad Shalit, kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza, begged that the flotilla Hamas support members bring a letter to Hamas to transfer to his son. He even offered to mediate with the Israeli government in exchange. The floating Hamas supporters refused to take his letter with them or cooperate with any humanitarian gesture towards the kidnapped soldier, in any way.

Abusing the word "Human Rights", the flotilla was trying to reach Hamas and show support to the Hamas government - a government that kidnaps, tortures, and murders its own citizens on a regular basis.

The Israeli government offered to transfer all the actual "humanitarian aid" on the ships through one of the regular channels that bring in humanitarian aid into Gaza every single day. The floating Hamas supporters refused.

Police and Emergency and Rescue Services have raised the countrywide alert level in expectations of potential Arab and Leftist violence and rocket attacks breaking out across the country.

In Turkey, protesters tried to storm the Israeli Consulate.

More updates throughout the day as (if) events spiral out of control.

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NormanF said...

Instead of killing all the anti-Semite fascists, Israel's dhimmi Jews want Israeli taxpayers to look after them!

Why not deal with the them the way Nazis should have been dealt with? The IDF was not harsh enough in wiping out the fascists for good!

The back of the hill said...

Lots of "Jews Support Hamas" signs in front of the consulate an hour ago.

Well, not literally saying "Jews Support Hamas", but you get my drift.

Recognized several members of Jewish Voice for Peace, Women in Black, Beyt Tikkun, BFUU among the International ANSWER members and 'Palestinians'.

Got recognized by one member of the pro-Pally side. Had to skedaddle. Lost camera. No biggie - disposable, only five photos, probably none good.

More demos planned for tommorrow.

Glad to see that Greta Duisenberg got hit by the riot police at a demo in the Hague. Just wish they would've beaten that bitch to death.

Anonymous said...

Sink the Damn Ships!

Search the Muqata


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