Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hizbullah spy and the New Israel Fund

by Lurker

Following the partial removal of a gag order, it was revealed today that two Israeli Arabs were recently arrested for spying for Hizbullah and conspiring with enemy agents. One of them is Ameer Makhoul (brother of Issam Makhoul, the former MK from the Jewish/Arab leftist Hadash party). Ameer Makhoul is the chairman of Ittijah (the Union of Arab Community-Based Associations), an umbrella group of Israeli Arab NGO's.

A quick check shows that Ittijah receives funding from – guess who – the New Israel Fund.

[Source: NGO Monitor. And for those readers who consider NGO Monitor too right-wing to be trusted, radical leftist and rabid anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein also tells us that Ittijah is funded by the NIF.]

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Yonatan said...

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

NC said...

Lurker: Accusing the NIF of supporting Hizbullah spies is by far the lowest you've gone to date.

NIF protects Israel democracy. YOU are its biggest enemy.

Yonatan said...

Protects Israel's democracy? We could use a bit less protecting then.

Lurker said...

NC: Accusing the NIF of supporting Hizbullah spies is by far the lowest you've gone to date.

Excuse me, but I didn't accuse anyone of anything:

(1) The government has accused Makhoul of spying for Hizbullah.

(2) The NIF's support of Makhoul is not an issue in dispute. (Sources as disparate as NGO Monitor and Richard Silverstein say that the NIF funds him.)

As regards the truth of the government's charge against Makhoul that he spied for Hizbullah -- that issue will be resolved in his upcoming trial.

If the charges against Makhoul are proven true, then will you still deny that the NIF supported a Hizbullah spy? If yes, then it would seem that you lack the fundamental capacity for logical reasoning.

NormanF said...

The NIF funds treason. Let see Naomi Chazan have a rapid-fire rejoinder to that one.

Will the NIF stop funding grantees who actively work to undermine and betray the Jewish State?

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Ben Murane, New Israel Fund said...

Ittijah hasn't been a grantee for eight years. In 2002, following Ittijah's involvement in the Durban conference demonizing Israel, their grant was no longer renewed. They receive no funding since then, including donor advised funds.

Please correct your blog. We have already been in touch Richard Silverstein regarding his mistake.

Follow the Money said...

Ittijah may not been a grantee since 2002, but that certainly hasn't stopped the NIF from regularly giving (lots of) money directly to Ittijah projects and members organizations such as the Mossawa Centre.

And the Al-Ahali Association,

And the Al-Yater Association,

And the I'lam Center,

And Mada al-Carmel.

So that's very nice that the NIF doesn't give money directly to Ittijah. The NIF instead just funds Ittijah projects and members organizations directly. (Note the overlap in names on the donor/member lists - just a coincidence, I'm sure).

Smells like a fish.

Follow the Money said...

The Arab Association for Human Rights was a Durban accredited NGO that offered a submission at Durban. Yet even as late as their 2005 annual report it mentions the NIF as the conduit for funds from the Moriah Fund (that's a lot of money funneling through the NIF by the way).

Anonymous said...

OK, once again, the logical fallacy you are supporting needs to be pointed out.
It seems the NIF funded someone who is accused of being a spy for Hezbollah. Obviously, that's bad.
However, you have not suggested that the NIF was aware he was spying for Hezbollah when they gave him funds.So they were not consciously supporting spying.
If a right wing NGO supported someone who then was implicated in espionage or some sort of anti-government illegal activity,that would not make them guilty of this person's offenses unless they were aware of it.
A left wing NGO that attempts to support left wing "democracy projects" is certainly at risk of such an incident occurring, but it's silly to suggest culpability on their part, unless you are attempting to propagandize (is that a verb?)

See the Light said...

I think his point is that once again the NIF has been exposed being involved with funding and assisting organizations that are by nature and by definition anti-Israel, and unquestionably so, and hence it is no surprise when these organizations engage in activities such as attacking the State of Israel or even spying on her. It is only a surprise to NIF donors who innocently thought their money was being directed to organizations trying to help Israel not hurt her. It certainly is disingenuous to say that the NIF doesn't fund Ittijah (a mirror organization of the NIF that only funds Arab projects), while instead directly funding Ittijah member organizations - specifically the very radial ones, mind you.

See the Light said...

I meant radical obviously

Yonatan said...

Of course they know this already, the main problem goes to the root of the problem - that they don't want us here, we're not really "democratic", yada, yada. They know their goose is cooked and they keep trying to go to the old playbook on this in hopes of moving things back to their side. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK ANY LONGER.

If you continually fund those who attempt to sabotage the Jewish state, in your efforts to keep it as a left wing Euro wanna-be, you are going to have to fight from the outside from now on. You are not acting as part of the Jewish nation - you are acting against it.

Curious Zionist said...

Wasn't the gag order actually helping the NIF -- by preventing people from knowing they were funding this Hizbollah operative?

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