Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Additional Pix and Video from the Parade

Kudos to the Mohammed Bear with the Israeli Flag and SouthPark scarf.

Not only are we getting tired of the Neturay Karta, but they are apparently getting tired of themselves.

hat-tip: Lurker. (who found a hundred dollar bill at the parade hundreds of years ago :)

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NormanF said...

Honest anti-Semites.... the kind who don't pretend to like the Jews to make it easier to knife them in the back!

jonathan becker said...

the elderly haredi man is obviously not asleep but listening intently to the younger man on his right, in a typical physical attitude i've seen rabbonim use at a million weddings, events, tisches, etc.

really, jameel/lurker, there's enough real stupidity out there without, as they say, "makin' (stuff) up" to throw, out of spite, at jews who you happen to disagree with. neturai karta and rahm emmanuel are particularly easy (and cheap) targets. you disappoint me.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Neturay Karta was on the same side of the fence as the anti-semites announcing that Allah is preparing Jews for a "final solution."

If you think that Neturei Karta deserves better treatment, I'd like to hear why.

jonathan becker said...

way to reframe and put me on the defensive, well done!

i don't like neturai karta any more than you do, as an organization. but i do lose a lot more sleep over stupid-looking attacks from our side than i do over them.

maybe if the old man was really sleeping, it might have been at least funny. but as it is you just come off as making fun of some random old man by claiming something untrue about him.

it doesn't look good.

jonathan becker said...

what i'm really thinking is: i know you have a blog and "parve" is a non-starter. i understand you need to say strong things. but bring the funny, at least! all the yenta-ish catty backstabbing in the world isn't going to work (or amuse me, either) if it's not funny.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jonathan: So the video was news worthy.

How about the "Tired of Neturay Karta line" without "they are tired themselves?"

Anyway - will try to find more funny stuff to keep you entertained.

jonathan becker said...

why would the video be newsworthy, again? i missed that.

newsflash headlines: lurker (or whoever shot that video) is taking random potshots at jews and missing. yeah, real newsworthy.

it's not about finding funny stuff, anyone can do that. it's about making this stuff (which isn't funny but more sad, i think) funny. or else, write something worthwhile about the true sadness inherent in this particular machloket with this sad, tiny minority of haredim.

or you could just tell us more about how we're supposed to hate certain kinds of haredim.

hey, i know, it's easy to give advice.

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