Monday, May 17, 2010

Fighting on all Fronts

Throughout Israel's history, its most difficult wars were when fighting on multiple fronts. The Yom Kippur war's dual attack by Syria in the North, and Egypt in the South made it a huge military challenge.

Today, while the Egyptian front is quiet (though don't fool yourself into thinking that Israel's eyes and ears aren't carefully watching Egypt 24x7), we have multiple threats on all fronts:

Gaza; infiltrations, short range rockets, border attacks.
Lebanon: Hizbolla long and mid range rockets that can hit almost anywhere in Israel. Threat of infiltration from Lebanon of multiple commando units into Israel.
Yehuda vShomron: Palestinian terror and PA police can potentially disrupt not only life within Yehuda v'Shomron, but could terrorize the seam communities of Israel's central region including the Gilboa, Hadera, Sharon, Greater Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Yehuda Regional Council (Beit Shemesh area) and the South Hevron Hills.
Iran: Their nuclear program has almost produced enough enriched plutonium for a bomb and they have an advanced rocket delivery system as well.
Egpyt: Al Qaida or splinter cells could launch attacks on Eilat as we witnessed a few weeks ago.

Within Israel, we have Israeli Arabs that would potentially cause local disturbances -- as seen during the second Lebanon war and during the Cast lead operation, when violent rock attacks on Israel's highways caused damage and injuries.

Yet we also have other fronts to worry about.

In Ralph Peter's opinion piece about the new antisemitism in America, he writes:

Go back to the bordello side of all this: Wealthy Arabs have bought a great deal of influence in Washington, lavishing money on think tanks, contracts on US firms and expensive gifts on individuals. (A few years back, one American "authority" on the Middle East delightedly told me that he'd been given five Rolexes.)

In contrast to these ingratiating, deep-pocketed Arabs, Israelis are brusque and dismissive, relying on American Jews to smooth things over. Well, sorry, Israel needs to rediscover public relations. With the global media rabidly pro-Palestinian, Israel had better get back in the information fight.

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TZ said...

It's amazing that these haredim had no problem when JEWISH graves in Gush Katif were uprooted...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TZ; Not amazing. Predictable.

Porush and Liztman would rather fight over Pagan graves than Jewish ones from Gush katif, because they want the hospital moved to Ashdod, where the building site is owned by Ger.

Their support for this lunacy is a Chilul Hashem.

Sammy Shomron said...

Where are these Chareidim as the yeshiva in Yitzhar is about to be destroyed by the government? Isn't a living, functioning yeshiva more important than pagan graves?

Nosson Gestetner said...

TZ beat me to it.

Btw, is it known that these are graves are 100% Jewish, or 100% that they're not?

Nachum said...

Even if they were Jewish, there'd be no reason (halakhically) not to move them. We lose to them when we argue only "If they weren't Jewish.."

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

NG: 100% not Jewish, yet that's entirely irrelevant, since all graves can be moved, except those of a Navi or King.

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