Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Now we're haggling about the price"

A while back I wrote that while the Right may not be in the seat of political power, they are still in positions of political influence. The example I used was one of the Knesset’s financial committees.

Since announcing the Freeze, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has visited this committee at least 3 times in an attempt to get money from them in order to hire more inspectors – their primary job, to report on our towns and villages (and Kibbutzim) in Judea and Samaria and destroy people’s patios, porches, and synagogues (and homes).

For months, this committee, made up of Likud, Shas, Bayit Yehudi, UTJ and Ichud Leumi members kept turning him down. It was said that Barak was very frustrated that he couldn’t get the money for his attacks on the settlements.

Until this week.

This week Barak the wannabe destroyer of Jewish Settlements made some deals with members of the committee.

At the moment of the vote, the Likud members voted for giving him money (some Likud members disappeared), Shas members literally disappeared from the room, the Bayit Yehudi member abstained from voting, UTJ voted for, and thus leaving only the Ichud Leumi member to vote against and fight for the settlements.

As a result, Barak walked away 14 million shekels richer, one-third of which is directly going to more Settlement Inspectors, and the rest for “other inspectors”, which you can guess how Barak will use them.

Whatever price Barak paid, I guarantee that not only did Barak determine it was cheap, he is positive it is fully refundable.

Meanwhile whatever their individual motivations or incentives, these alleged “right wing” Knesset members have managed to do nothing more then show Barak that not only can they can be bought off cheaply, they can be easily fooled.

More than ever I am happy I voted Ichud Leumi, and hope many more people wake up and do the same come next elections.

On a separate note, the Kibbutz movement said they will not participate in tonight’s leftist concert and protest in Jerusalem (if there wasn’t a concert, and without violence or Palestinian flags, how else would they get anyone to participate?).

Apparently the Kibbutz movement is miffed after they found out that Barak considers their 17 Kibbutzim in the Jordan Valley to be settlements and subsequently sent his inspectors to each Kibbutz Settlement to see what he could destroy.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Jeff said...

is there a link?

JoeSettler said...

It was a Makor Rishon exclusive.
I expect it to be in the other papers this week.

Anonymous said...

I guess it worked. The free music got all the remaining 2000 radical leftists in the country to show up to the protest.


Jeff said...

any idea what he gave them?

JoeSettler said...

The article said that the trade might be that he'll sign a few permits for already inhabited buildings in 3 or 4 communities - something he should have done long ago.

Elkin (Likud) said that that was enough for him at this point, and yet he somehow doesn't seem to recall that Barak has double-crossed every settler he has made a deal with.

The article didn't say what Shas and UTJ got.

JoeSettler said...

A7 is reporting that Elkin (Likud) said he only gave Barak funding on condition that he use it to inspect unauthorized settlements with an eye on authorizing them.

(Read it for yourself!)

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