Thursday, January 14, 2010

443: A safe place to drive

The Supreme Court ruling hasn't yet even been implemented, but already PA Arabs are terrorizing Israeli drivers on 443.

Earlier today PA Arabs driving on 443 tried to run an Israeli car off the road.

They succeeded in getting the car to stop, at which point they pulled over and started stoning the vehicle.

But the Israeli driver also happened to have been a Border Policeman. He pulled out his gun and shot in the air.

The Arabs jumped back in their car, drove off, but were quickly captured and arrested.

Why did the policeman shoot in the air?

Source: A7

It's certainly safer to drive in Jordan than it is on 443.

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Yonatan said...

See what happens when you show weakness? Thanks bagatz, your judgements are truly Shlomo hamelech like (not). Unfortunately, I don't expect them to learn from their poor decisions...but we'll continue to have to pay for it!

Renegade said...

"Why did the policeman shoot in the air?"

A. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail.

B. Why shoot your friendly peace partners when the true enemy are the evil settlers.

C. All of the above

Leah Goodman said...

I'm gonna go with A.
I'm sure he wasn't thinking how sweet the rock throwers are.

MEmeME said...

why take out the gun at all they were JUST rocks. And we all know that nobody gets hurt by a few pebbles.

Alissa said...

The article didn't mention the time, but someone elsewhere noted this happened around 9:30am. I'm curious, because I was on the highway, in the vicinity, shortly after 9:30am and I saw no trace of anything. There wasn't even any traffic.

Unless of course, somehow everyone else knew to get off the highway, but with my limited Hebrew, I didn't get the message ;)

Since the highway hasn't been opened to the PA Arabs yet, how did these drivers get on the highway? And is the impression that, because of the ruling, the PA Arabs are getting, er, chutzpadik?

Yonatan said...

Well, how many incidents have we had since 2000 & how many have we had since the ruling? I think this says it all, does it not?

Ligjk said...

Really lot of bad news today, don't know what's happening, but i really don't like it :
-a baby hurt near Hevron by stones throwers
-what happened on the 443
-what happened in jordan
-a woman lightly hurt by stones near Betlehem
-a molotov throw on a car near Nillin
-another hurted by stones near Beitar (and some "palestinian" put nails on the roads)
-an explosive device at kalandia checkpoint
-and last but not least, again stones throwing between Ariel and Tapuah'...

And this, only for today.

Dark times are coming i fear...

Lurker said...

Looks like at least one lunatic isn't waiting for the full moon to come out this month...

The back of the hill said...

I note that General Hercules also commented here:
[A discussion about flying saucers taking out the twin towers.]
Quote: "Attention I am General hercules of the Free Humans of earth - yuo sound like some kind of scammer - I have visions".

And here:
[More stuff from the saucy saucerians.]
Quote: ""Nezru Bahik! I am General Hercules ZeusOdin, here with a message from your brothers and sisters within the Galactic Federation."

[Gibberant nonsense about David Koresh and religions.]
Quote: ""I'm in australia and the things I have been telling the people of this nation have gotten me into deep trouble here. I am actually hunted by the authorities for making my views public. There are pyramids here in this country".

Nice. A fruitloop with acces to a computer. Such a goldene medina.

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