Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dershowitz: Goldstone is an "Absolute Traitor"

Its always refreshing to hear Professor Alan Dershowitz; he speaks his mind, not worried by political correctness. As a liberal, but proud Zionist, he always puts Israeli leftists on edge, using terminology that makes them uncomfortable.
Two days after Israel submitted its response to the Goldstone report that accused the IDF of possible crimes against humanity during last year's Operation Cast Lead, prominent lawyer and political commentator Professor Alan Dershowitz said that the jurist, someone he once considered a friend, was "a traitor to the Jewish people."

Speaking to Army Radio, Dershowitz said the “Goldstone report is a defamation written by an evil, evil man."

He said the jurist "allowed himself to be used to give a hechsher, a certification of purity, to defamation," and that Goldstone is a "man who uses his language and words against the Jewish people."

Elaborating, the professor said that it would be as if the writers of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion "had asked a prominent Jew to read the report and sign it" to give it approval.

"I regarded him as a friend, but I now regard him as an absolute traitor," he said. (JPost)
Immediately after his comments was broadcast, former Meretz head Shulamit Aloni slammed Dershowitz’s remarks, saying he "certainly does not represent the entire Jewish community."
She called him "an abnormal patriot to the IDF who is always extreme," and said his remarks about Goldstone were "shameful." "It’s simply hatred and lashon hara," she went on. "Anyway, I know how he relates to the left-wing, so he’s unimportant in my eyes." Aloni said that while she understood [Israel?] 's need to retaliate for attacks from [Bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists?], it “doesn’t justify” the army’s “use of phosphorus and its bombing of schools” in the territory, which she said were “against international law.”

If anything, Shulamit Aloni, "certainly does not represent the entire Jewish community," and she is the lunatic left wing fringe of Israeli society.

She should simply just join up with another blogger, "Not My Tribe" who casts Sederot residents as "settlers" who are "occupied" Sderot combatants or simply human shields of the IDF.

The sooner Israel's radical left admits they are simply "not part of the tribe" -- the clearer everything will be for all of us. If there is absolutely no common denominator with Shulamit Aloni and her followers -- then why not do us all a favor and go somewhere else.

It must drive Aloni mad that her grandchildren are religious, chareidi Jews.

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Shira said...

What a strange lack of editing. In your excerpt there are 2 missing proper nouns ("she understood ’s need to retaliate for attacks from , "), at least 2 more I can see. Also a major quote in a different font from the rest of the article.

Anyone for a round of Mad Libs (the political version)?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shira: Hey, talk to the JPOST people; its not poor editing from our side! :-)

[well, at least not this time...]

I'll add in what I assume the fixes are supposed to be in []s.

Anonymous said...

It must drive Aloni mad that her grandchildren are religious, chareidi Jews.

I wonder what she would feel/say if any of them became Neturai Karta?


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Mark: It probably wouldnt bother her that much if they were Neturay Karta...since they align themselves with the Palestinians.

Shira said...

They fixed it up. Were the Livni quotes there before?

Anonymous said...

Look who's concerned about the halachot pertaining to lashon hora! Maybe Shulamit is becoming a chozeret b'tshuva.
Obviously she doesn't realize that the prohibition of lashon hora does not apply to Jews who are not behaving as a member of the Jewish nation would (oseh maaseh amcha).
Shulamit is also an expert on secular law as well inasmuch as she is able to argue with one of the foremost legal minds in the world about evidentiary bias.
When will the left wing masses ever get sick of this drivel? When will they stop trying to promote a solution which not only undermines Israel's justification for being but also is bound to violently fail as it has violently failed inthe past on multiple occasions?

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