Sunday, January 17, 2010

Newborn Haitian Baby Named: Israel

Yesterday (Saturday), the first Haitian baby was born at the mobile IDF emergency hospital erected in Haiti. The parents of the baby named him Israel, in honor of the IDF team that delivered him.

Today, IDF surgeons are battling to save the lives of a one year old baby suffering from a crushed pelvic and broken leg. (nana)

The ultra-Orthodox ZAKA first response team worked around the clock on Shabbat, taking only a minimal breaks for kiddush and some sleep in order to help the search and rescue operation to locate survivors underneath the rubble.

IDF Search and Rescue teams on the scene.

FoxNews interviews IDF doctors.

Update: 5:00 PM IDF Spox
Several hours ago, an IDF Search and Rescue team in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, rescued a 52 year old man from a collapsed building. It took roughly 6 hours to extract the man who had been trapped for four days. He had been able to communicate his location to rescue teams via sms. The man suffered from some lacerations on his limbs and dehydration, he was treated at the IDF field hospital next to the soccer field in Port-au-Prince, and is currently in good condition.

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freideleebs said...

Mi K'Amcha Yisrael!

Anonymous said...

what an incredible kiddush hashem.

Kamagra said...

I cannot believe that a baby was named Israel, i think that this is very sad because the name is ugly. I hope that if i had a baby will have a nice name.

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