Thursday, January 21, 2010

"New Testament Bible" Codes on IDF Rifle Scopes?!

Why are there Christian New Testament Bible Codes on IDF Rifle Scopes?!

I was sure this was a weird urban legend, till my buddy DoubleTapper told me all about it and posted all the details on his blog.

Apparently, the code JN8:12 which is encapsulated in the Trijicon Rifle Scope's serial number is an intentional mention of the book of John, chapter 8, verse 12.

Now, that's NOT going to stop me from using these rifle scopes (since they are the best marksman scopes out there), but I would perhaps scrape off the numbers.

What would be a good replacement pasuk from the Torah for an IDF rifle?

(I wonder if the Nachal Chareidi Batallion will do anything about this).

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yaak said...


Anonymous said...
Next case
Joel Rich

Warren Burstein said...

I'd go with Micha 4:3

Chanan said...

This story was all over US news media on Thursday. By Friday, the problem had been addressed. See for example

Kamagra said...

I good this rifles has an Id code because this kind or rifles are stolen every day in Israel, so, with this code we can identified it in any zone of the world.

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