Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why the US will lose the war against Islamic Fundamentalism.

If you’ve even been to the US Consulate in Jerusalem, you’ll notice that it is almost exclusively manned by Arabs. Obviously it has American officials there, and a few Israelis (mostly as security guards), but for the most part the Arabs run the show at the US Consulate.

Considering all the recent attacks on US bases by Islamists who built up trust and thus gained the easy access needed to kill everyone they could, you would think that someone in the US government would finally wake up and identify the enemy.

So I ask, does the US government really know who is working in their embassies and have full access to some pretty important data and officials?

Just a few months ago, a US consulate driver tried to run over an Israeli guard at a road block, and that was after refusing to identify himself to the female soldiers and giving them the bird.

That would ring warning bells in my book, but instead US Consulate official explained to Israeli police that they would not open the door to a consulate car at an official road block in case the guard was “a settler or mentally unstable” as they might give the passengers inside the “Rabin treatment”.

(For some reason that statement is greatly disturbing the Israeli police. As a Settler I'm thrilled they consider me dangerous - because that makes it all the more amusing when I visit the Consulate).

What makes this all so much more pertinent is that the US Consulate is now being sued by a former Arab employee whom they fired.

Azam Qiq worked in the US Consulate’s motor pool for 3 years. He even received 2 awards for exemplary service. But he was fired in 2006 in what he claims was an unlawful termination and he wants his severance pay.

But you see Azam apparently left a few things out of his job application.

Just minor details. He forgot to mention that he was arrested twice (even though he was asked if he was ever arrested), that his father was the head (and a founder) of Hamas in Jerusalem, and his brother is a senior Hamas advisor.

Nothing serious. I can see where he might forget to mention it.

But I think that if I was the head of US Consulate security I’d want to know this stuff before I put my diplomats in the car with the man, and certainly before I give the man detailed access to routes and travel plans of visiting dignitaries and Consulate officials.

I’d certainly be concerned he might give the ”Rabin Treatment”  “Hussein, Mohammed, Azam, Allah, Ibdul, Hassan Treatment" to the US government officials inside the car or consulate.

I’d also want to know how this man actually got a job in the US Consulate, when a simple call to the Israeli authorities for a background check would have sufficed to identify this security breach pretty quickly.

Yet in fact, the US Consulate learned of this potential sleeper in this delicate position only after 3 years, when Azam’s father died and the funeral was filled with Hamas officials and flags, and leaflets were handed out that praised his father’s leadership of Hamas.

I suppose it was the leaflet that finally set off the warning bells that something might be wrong here.

The US will never win the war against Islamic terror as long as the FBI refuses to hire Persian and Iraqi Jews to translate intercepted communications, while instead hiring US-based Islamic sleeper agents.

The US will never win the war against Islamic terror as long as it refuses to acknowledge the identity of the enemy and instead welcomes them right through the front door.

So the next time you have to go to the US Consulate, for your own safety, I suggest you keep at least one eye open on the local employees, because you clearly can’t trust US security to have done it for you.

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Olah Chadasha said...

No, no, I think it's YOU who doesn't know who the real enemy is. President Obama was clear last week about who we're at war against. We're at war against Al-Qaeda, NOT Islamic fundamentalism. It's some little group out in the sand dunes somewhere, not in cities in or around Israel. I think you need to get your facts straight, buddy.

NormanF said...

The US is bending over backwards to please the Arabs is finding itself rebuffed. They've learned nothing in the past year and they will learn nothing in the future.

jonathan becker said...

jameel, why do you keep allowing this "joesettler" person to keep posting here? he's obviously a dangerous extremist anti-american/palestinian radical.

he also seem to have a sense of humor (always a plus) and oh yeah- he's right.

the american consulate in jerusalem is, and has been for many years, a microcosm of what's fucked up about american/israeli/palestinian relations. the security issue, not to mention treatment of american jews/"settlers" by staff has been and remains a major concern. i tremble when i have to go there for whatever reason. central casting must be laughing their asses off.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

jonathan: I've been accused by some of also being JoeSettler...

FYI: Lately, we review his posts together before they get posted, so some of the content in it is mine as well.

Could you drop me an email ( -- I have a question for you.

Thanks! :-)

JoeSettler said...

Yeah, I'm the military arm of the Muqata. This way Jameel gets to hide behind the facade of being considered a "moderate".

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