Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rechavia Tunnel to Restore Quiet?

Jerusalem's municipal planning board presents:

The Rechavia Ramban Street Tunnel.

The idea is for the bulk of traffic which runs through Rechavia would be routed to an underground tunnel underneath Ramban Street from Gan Sacher to Gan Ha'Atzmaut -- thereby reducing noise and bringing back some peace and quiet to the neighborhood. The plan includes the tunnel, 2 giant underground parking areas; one by the Presidential Residence and one by the Rechavia Gymnasium High School, as well as recommendations for modifying the Rechavia building code to allow for greater than 4 story buildings in parts of the neighborhood.

Opponents of the idea argue it will allow for the wholesale destruction of classic buildings.

Haaretz in Hebrew.

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The Reform Baal Teshuvah said...

Is there light rail on Jaffa yet?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Reform Baal Teshuva: ROFL!

Not by a long shot...

Anonymous said...

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Kosher Vitamins said...

I'm smiling.

I didn't get to ride the light rail when I visited last month, but I saw it running, and the way it and pedestrians interact and I was really impressed. I love how it just honks at pedestrians and they move.

Here we have a light rail line that makes fake choo choo train noises as it approaches intersections, and if a proposal to transform University Ave in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN into a pedestrian mall, the whole city would have plotzed.

Do you know if the Ramban street tunnel ever made it past the proposal stage?

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