Monday, January 18, 2010

Israel Helps Haiti, Ha'aretz Bashes Israel

As Israel and the IDF performs a spellbinding Kiddush Hashem, providing world-class emergency medical services in a state-of-the-art field hospital to the earthquake battered country of Haiti, you can count on Ha'aretz to ruin the moment.

Ha'aretz blasts the Zionist State: Israel's compassion in Haiti can't hide our ugly face in Gaza

Akiva Eldar insists that any good we're doing in Haiti must be underscored by Israel's "indifference to the ongoing suffering of the people of Gaza"
But the remarkable identification with the victims of the terrible tragedy in distant Haiti only underscores the indifference to the ongoing suffering of the people of Gaza. Only a little more than an hour's drive from the offices of Israel's major newspapers, 1.5 million people have been besieged on a desert island for two and a half years. Who cares that 80 percent of the men, women and children living in such proximity to us have fallen under the poverty line? How many Israelis know that half of all Gazans are dependent on charity, that Operation Cast Lead created hundreds of amputees, that raw sewage flows from the streets into the sea?
After blaming all of Gaza's ills on Israel and the IDF, Eldar manages to choke out the following: True, Haiti's militias are not firing rockets at Israel.

How lovely. Gazans overwhelmingly support Hamas and its policies. Hamas shoots rockets at us, kidnaps our soldiers, attacks our civilian cities, and yet Israel's responsible.

Eldar's conclusion? "Even the images of our excellent doctors in Haiti cannot blur our ugly face in the Strip."

Goldstone would be proud.

In fact, all we need to do is rename Ha'aretz to "The Daily Goldstone Report"

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junior said...

there is a more serious point here.
whatever one's views on the arab / israeli conflict, the fact is that israel won't get any credit from haiti etc unless and until it sorts out its own back yard.

Hizonner Richard Goldstone said...

junior: well, since Hamas refuses to recognize the State of Israel, and any self-defense action that Israel takes is viewed as aggression, there really isn't any way for Israel to "sort out its own backyard" till every last Jew leaves the Middle East.

junior said...

i think the west bank is also part of the backyard. or are we still waiting for someone to talk to?

Anonymous said...

If our own people (Haretz) knock us when we are doing good, why should the Nations of the World give us credit either??

JoeSettler said...

We shouldn't do it for the "credit" anyway. We should do it because it is simply the right thing to do (i.e a Mitzva).

Anonymous said...


Makes you wonder if Haaretz is "our own people", doesn't it?

Kae Gregory said...

What an incredible leap of ill logic on the part of Ha'aretz. Shame on them.

Wondering Jew said...

I like this point:
>>Makes you wonder if Haaretz is "our own people", doesn't it?

By the time we are receiving more pointed internal attack than external, what is the definition of 'us'?

More to the point, why do we have to put up with these people? If they don't like Israel, why do they stay?

Go and live an ethical life in Kuala Lumpur!

Leah Goodman said...

I take my son to a clinic in Haifa for special treatment. There are people from "our own backyard" there.

It's not the only case of us providing plenty of humanitarian aid to "our own backyard." It's just a little hard to provide for people and help them out when they're lobbing missiles into your front yard.

Neshama said...

Jameel, do you remember the Hit TV Series M*A*S*H!
This is what is going on in Haiti: the Israelies are the modern M*A*S*H field hospital......

From Wikipedia: "Out of necessity, the MASH 4077th unit depicted in the television series was considerably smaller than many of the MASH units deployed by the United States in the Korean War. In the series, about four surgeons are depicted as being assigned to the unit, the administrative staff consists of the C.O. and his assistant, and few soldiers were shown to be present. By comparison, the 8076th Army Unit Mobile Army Surgical Hospital had personnel including twelve nurses, eighty-nine enlisted soldiers of assorted medical and non-medical specialties, one MSC[clarification needed], one Warrant Officer and ten Commissioned Officers of assorted specialties. On one occasion, the unit handled over 600 casualties in a 24 hour period."

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Neshama: Of course I remember MASH :-)

Except they have Kinli instead of Nehi.

Kamagra said...

These are fantastic! I was always in awe of walking the same land as those in the Tanach while in Israel. Incredible to think on. Glad your kids had a good time in the end.

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