Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rock Attacks on 443 / Modiin-Jerusalem Highway

This morning at 9:28 AM, Palestinians attacked Jewish motorists on the Modi'in-Jerusalem Highway, also known as road 443.

I know, since I was there...and saw the cars getting hit, including the one in front of me.

In the 9:28 attack, no one was injured...but a few minutes later, someone was hurt by another rock attack and required hospitalization.

And how does Israel's media report this incident?

YNET: Car hit with rocks near Rammalla, driver lightly wounded.

An Israeli citizen was lightly wounded by rocks thrown at his car near Beit Sira, west of Rammalla. He received medical treatment and damage was caused to his car.
(link in Hebrew)
Its newsworthy -- even crucial that people know where this attack took place, but your average Israeli has no clue where "Beit Sira" is, and seeing "Rammalla" in the headline leads one to think that "Oh, if someone was near Rammalla, it must have been a settler, or someone driving out in the boondocks."

YNET intentionally left our the crucial information that this attack took place on Highway 443, the main Modi'in-Jerusalem highway.

Why? Any number of reasons, ranging from not wanting people to know that Palestinians are targeting cars of "normal" people on "normal" highways -- to tacit support of the Supreme Court's decision to open Highway 443 to regular Palestinian traffic.

Regardless of the reason, its odious that YNET deliberately concealed this information.

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Avraham said...

I used to really like yediot achronot about ten years ago. But at some point they really became left wing.
The don't cover things objectively anymore.
At this point I would just rather get haaretz so that I know what I am getting. (This happened to the New York post also. I used to really like it and then they also changed)

Anonymous said...

They didn't want it posted on the Modi'in list.

Hashmonaim Resident said...

Why would it go on the Modi'in list? This attack took place near Beit Sira...nowhere near Modi'in.

If anything it should be on the Reut list.

Jerusalemcop said...

actually it should be on the Beit Sira list "we got another one Martha!!"


annie said...

Ynet do this all the time. They report stone throwing and molotov cocktail attacks "near Kalkilya" or "next to Azoun" when they mean the road to Karnei Shomron. Granted, KS is not as big as Modiin and is an eeevil settlement to boot, but the average Israeli would still like to know where these attacks are and how likely they are to hit him. The way they're reported you'd think the drivers were inside the Palestinian towns.

Yonatan said...

Just what I've come to expect from most of the news outlets here in Israel.

I'm a recent oleh, just arriving this summer with my family. I've watched political / judicial decisions with disgust for years and now that I'm here, I'd like to do what I can to help fight the left wing agenda, especially where Jewish lives are involved.

I believe, as others similarly do, that the recent court ruling on opening 443 to Palestinian traffic will cost us Jewish lives.

I would like to organize something to protest this on a local level & make sure that we get some press coverage to keep this in the public eye. I was thinking maybe having a protest with signs at the 443/Shilat junction or something along those lines. Does anyone know whether this type of protest is legal here?

If you are interested in joining us, you can contact me with you email address at yona.maccabim @ and I will contact you with information about our plans.

Gee a Moron said...

Beit Sira is much closer to Modi'in than to Ramallah. In fact, per Google maps, it is about 1500 m (straight line, not the road) from Yitzchak Rabin Square in Maccabim ( neighborhood of Modi'in/Maccabim/Reut). It is also about 1km. from 443

Go to Google maps and type "Beit Sira West Bank" and it pops right up.

20 or so years ago we use to drive the road through Beit Sira (the old route 3 now closed off to Jewish traffic) to Mevo Horon and Latrun. We were pelted with eggs once by kids sitting in the olive trees that overhang the road. My remark at the time was that the village name should be changed to "Beit Tzim".

Anyway, nowadays it ain't just eggs and someone is going to, rachmana litzlan, get seriously hurt.

Modi'in Grinch said...

Anonymous: They didn't want it posted on the Modi'in list.

Damn straight! As I'm forced to keep telling everyone, the Modi'in list is only for postings that specifically have to do with life in Modi'in. And driving on 443 has nothing to do with life in Modi'in. In fact, the only people in Modi'in that I know of who ever used that road are high school students looking for a place to put on their tefillin, and parents of autistic kids driving them to some out-of-town hostel. But we've gotten all those people to move out. Oh, and there are also all the out-of-towners who flock to Modi'in to hear our famous Christmas Carol performances, but that won't be until December, and I have no doubt that 443 will once again be quiet and peaceful by then.

Gee A Moron: it is about 1500 m (straight line, not the road) from Yitzchak Rabin Square in Maccabim ( neighborhood of Modi'in/Maccabim/Reut). It is also about 1km. from 443

Aaargh, you're missing the point!

Gee A Moron: ...someone is going to, rachmana litzlan, get seriously hurt.

But luckily, they that won't affect life here in Modi'in. So nothing about this on the list, got it?

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest my friend's blog which might be of interest.

Granted it has nothing to do with how the newspapers will report things, but maybe it will bring enough attention.

yonah said...

JPost is guilty of the same crime -

realRightWinger said...

I actually saw that someone posted it on the modiin list later in the day - together with a response from an idiot saying
"There have been occasional incidents of rock throwing since the road was closed to Palestinians- I dont know how denying them the right to travel on the road can prevent it. Perhaps you would like them to just disappear, and then we wont have to figure out how to live alongside them?"

The resulting conversation (I assume the author responded) - was kept of the list - since it probably became political etc. -

So -
1) Kudos to the person who put it on the list, and
2) There is further proof of the idiots that live in Modiin.

G-d help us all.

Alissa said...

We're not all idiots in Modi'in.

So, wait - is this a different incident than the one with the Border Policeman? That's the one that I thought was at 9:30-ish. Still, I came by just after, and saw nothing. Strange how just a few minutes can make the difference between a pleasant ride and one fraught with danger.

annie said...

Update: Interestingly enough, I've just seen a similar newsflash on Ynet about stone throwing "near Azoun" according to the headline. Yet in the newsflash itself it mentions "road 55 next to Karnei Shomron". Some improvement anyway. The notice, not the stone-throwing of course. Perhaps the editors read the Muqata?

Here's the link:
<a href=",2297,L-3834847_184,00.html</a>

annie said...

Oops. I wanted the link to be clickable. Here it is again:,2297,L-3834847_184,00.html

JoeSettler said...

annie: That was a different attack that happened today. The driver was injured in the head. Jameel happened to have been one of the paramedics on site that helped him.

annie said...

Joe Settler, yes, I realize that's a different attack. I was only noticing the difference in the 2 reports: the one that Jameel reported only mentioned "near Ramallah". A couple of days later, Ynet reports "near Azoun" in the headline, but makes an actual mention of road 55 and Karnei Shomron in the article.

Interesting that Jameel was on duty there. I travel on road 55 frequently to visit my daughter. I hope never to have to meet Jameel there under those circumstances! But yasher koach to him in any case.

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