Friday, August 04, 2006

10th of Av - Friday in Israel

I'm grilling chicken and blogging at the same time. Hope I don't get anything on the keyboard...

OK people...I'm done with the chicken and done with blogging today - must get ready for shabbat. Shabbat Shalom - a quiet a peaceful shabbat to all (except Nasralla, who I hope gets bombed to hell). Next round up - Motzei Shabbat...



4:55 PM Katyusha landings reported near Alonei HaBashan in the Golan Heights.

4:49 PM IDF forces kill 2 Palestinian armed terrorists in Gaza. Over 135 Katyusha rockets landed today in Northern Israel as of 4:40 PM

4:48 PM Katyusha splash down in Nir-Am kibbutz pool.

4:38 PM Four moderately wounded in Rocket attack on Carmiel.

4:34 PM Yalla Nasralla. The Video with English subtitles (yes, I know many of you have seen it...but I needed a morale booster)

4:30 PM Qassam rockets falling in Sderot (Southern Israel) - Red Dawn earyl warning system activated.

A mob of over 50 Palestinians have attacked a PA jail in Jericho, and reportedly killed 6 prisoners who were being held by the PA for "collaborating" with Israel.

4:03 PM Sirens heard a few minutes ago in Hatzor and Teverya.

3:59 PM Critically wounded person in Kiryat Shmona Katyusha attack, dies. Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

3:48 PM Death toll from earlier Katyusha attack - 2 dead in Kefar Marar (woman and relative). Critically wounded person in Shaar Yashuv. Sky News reports 20 killed in IAF attacks in South Lebanon.

3:46 PM Air Raid Sirens heard for the first time in Zichron Yaakov and Nasralla tries to aim for the Muqata in the Shomron. Bite me.

3:07 PM Katyusha strikes in Tibereas; 1 critical, 1 serious. Strikes in Kiryat Shmona1 serious, 2 moderate. Strike in Kfar Marar -- 1 dead. Strike in Tzefat - 1 llightly wounded.

3:04 PM Bad day for Israel...4 more soldiers killed in South Lebanon, lots of rocket attacks on Northern Israel. Updates soon.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Oleh Yahshan said...

I didn't realize it's the !0th of Av today... :> but the way this "Non-war" is going it might be.. Shabbat Shalom,

P.S - your grilling and you didn't invite me??

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

OY: Sorry about that...its just we have too much company this shabbat to have invited you as well to the grill.


Mike; And its a new laptop as well! (Nothing beats WiFi while grilling :)

Shanah said...

Shabbat Shalom, Jameel! And every day is a good day for Israel-- some are tougher than others-- but as long as we can still call it Israel, it's a good day.

And there will NEVER be a day when we can't call it Israel again.

Jack Steiner said...

Grilled Chicken sounds good. I'll bring the wine. See you in about 17 hours or so. ;)

BoneCrusher said...

We all grill on friday in Muqataville. You guys should drop by and bring some steaks.

Death Toll Climbs to Two in Last Rocket Attack

42 Victims in Last Wave of Rocket Fire

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm grilling the bird tomorrow. What's your technique, other than to keep the PC off the grill?

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

I stayed on Kibbutz Nir Am when I did Volunteers for Israel. Thankfully the only thing close to danger we had were a few scorpians in our bathroom.

It's just breaks my heart to hear all this bad news.

projgen said...

I want to hug the guys who did the Nasrallah song (tzniusly, of course) - I've played it about a thousand times (yes, even during the 3 weeks. I don't consider it frivolous!).

We'd be grilling, too, but we're having vegetarians over for dinner. *snif*

Sarah Likes Green said...

hope shabbat was quieter and that e/one at the muqata enjoyed the grilled chicken!

shavua tov!

westbankmama said...

Jameel - some guys here got called for tzav 8 on Friday night (didn't answer the phone of course)so a jeep came to tell them and take them Shabbat afternoon. I guess there will be a big push tonight...

Anonymous said...

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