Monday, August 14, 2006

What we're up against

As a religious Jew, I certainly have very clear opinions about what's going on in Israel today. That said, I still think it's very clear that there is a global war going on, a war between the west and the east. Between the post-Reformation/Renaissance world and the pre-Enlightenment world. America/England/Israel and their allies on one side and the Muslim world on the other. That's somewhat of a broad brush, but there are very few Muslim countries in the world that don't want to destroy the west. Whether it's the desire to rebuild the world Caliphate, free Andalusa from the Crusaders or just convert or kill all the infidels, the majority of outspoken Muslims in the world want all these countries destroyed.
And they're willing to go to any lengths to achieve their aims. Even though they know that at the current time, they aren't able to achieve them. They'll do what they can to chip away at Western moral, using the West's own desire to live in peace and quite and play fair to achieve their goals. Nothing is sacred to them. Nothing.

A HUSBAND and wife arrested in the British terror raids allegedly planned to take their six-month-old baby on a mid-air suicide mission.

Get that. Any weapon is legal. Even a six-month old baby.

Until the West is willing to play by Islam's rules, then this will continue.

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בטל בששים said...
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בטל בששים said...

This stops me cold. A person doesn't decide to blow up an airplane overnight. I assume this was in the planning for years. That means this nice young couple decided to conceive a baby, bring it into the world, and raise it, so they could use it to smuggle a bomb onto an airplane and kill the baby, themselves and hundreds of other people. I'm sorry - this is downright satanic.

Unknown said...

How cute? They were doing it as a family bonding experience. Some things none of us will ever understand.

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