Saturday, August 05, 2006

Motzei Shabbat - Saturday Night Round Up

Shavua Tov. A good week...

First of all -- the grilled chicken came out excellent (as it usually does) and was enjoyed by all around the shabbat table. The grilled shnitzles were probably the best I've ever made. It's not easy to know exactly how long to leave them on the grill; a bit too long and they dry out, and too early and they aren't cooked enough. In any event, the food was good :) (Then again, my wife did all the preparing of the chicken and shnitzel -- I just grilled it, so she gets the vast majority of the credit anyway)

But you aren't here to read about our shabbat food...(well, maybe that's why some of you used visit this blog), so here's the current news round up.

1. Nasralla's still trying to hit the Muqata in the Shomron...and on Friday Night, launched 3 of his longer range Hadera. (8 in shock, no serious physical injuries). Ynet has more if you want here

2. IDF commandos (Shayetet-13) launch surgical raid in Tyre (Tzur), on the coast of Lebanon. They killed 4 terrorists who were part of the team that launched the rockets 6 hours earlier at Hadera. 8 of the IDF commandos were wounded by shrapnel, 2 seriously, 6 lightly. (more here)

3. IDF forces apprehend suicide bomber Saturday night with explosive bomb belt south of Shechem, lowering the alert which affected the Shomron and Sharon areas this evening.

4. Over 120 rockets launched at Northern Israel this afternoon. 2 women killed (mother and daughter) near Shlomi, in the village Ar'ab Al Ashara. An elderly woman died of a heart attack while running to a bomb shelter in the Kiryat Atta (Near Haifa)

5. Eletrical problems up North due to ongoing Katyusha attacks. Brush fires near Tzefat from Katyusha attacks over shabbat.

6. Gush Shalom organizes Saturday Night rally against the war, urging Israel to unlilaterally cease all military actions in South Lebanon and Gaza. 500 attend this rally in Tel Aviv.

7. IDF soldier wounded over shabbat by mortar fire near Northern Israel border.

8. Palestinian Terrorists in Gaza refuse to allow Red Cross to visit kidnapped IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit.

9. Nighttime video -- watch IDF commandos land in Lebanon to take out the Hizbolla terrorists who fired rockets at Hadera only hours earlier.

10. Reports of new terror alert in Jerusalem area...

Shavua Tov. Going to watch 24...

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Akiva said...

Great video, why in the world are they showing it? Lets show our tactics to the enemy, show off?

PsychoToddler said...

I grilled chicken yesterday too. See, I'm showing solidarity.

Anonymous said...

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