Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Spin war...and why you shouldn't try too hard...

Well, with Qana fiasco begining to turn around and bite Hizbullah on the butt, the next attempt at falsifying the record shows up.

The following picture shows up on Reuters

It looks pretty standard. Well...except for the fact it's pretty obviously photoshopped. And guess who the fellow with the byline is? A chap named Adnan Hajj. Who is Adnan Hajj, you ask? He's the SAME chap better known as who took the pictures of the Green-Helmet Man, of Qana dead baby fame. (hat-tip to Abby for the precision correction ;-)

For the whole story check out Flopping Aces who has investigated the whole thing from top to bottom, and the evidence is pretty damning.

As always, for an ongoing eviceration of the propaganda coming out of Hizbullah, being eaten up whole by the anti-Israel press go check out EU Referendum. Spectacular work!

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Yes, I can do the same thing on Piant Shop pro. SHAME ON REUTERS !!

AMERICA~LAND OF THE FREE said...,7340,L-3286966,00.html

Yes this is pathetic. As bad as The New York Times and Murtha, THE Hollowood crowd and all the other cronies here in the USA. God Bless Israel. Hopefully someone will spread it all over the news what Reuters did ! Hope so. Maybe Fox will pick the story up.

bluke said...

Retures admitted it Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

bluke said...

That should be Reuters above

abby said...

i usually am a lurker but i felt it is important to make just a small correction.

flopping acres actually says :

"Guess who the photographer is? One Adnan Hajj, the same guy who TOOK this picture [of green helmet man] at Qana"

NOT the same "green helmet man" who was IN the other pictures.

not that it changes anything, but it's important to know.

yasher coach to you and your cohorts for great reporting and keeping us updated and informed.

may hashem grant us peace in israel speedily in our days.


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