Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tisha B'Av - Updates...

8:46 PM Over 600 buildings/houses have been damaged by Hizbolla katyusha Kiryat Shmona alone (in the past 3 weeks)

8:41 PM Fast is over in Israel...I've eaten. Nasralla's talking on TV...and says "If you bomb Beirut, I will bomb Tel-Aviv" yadda yadda yadda - pass the orange juice.

7:42 PM Yalla Nasrallah to have live broadcast on Al-Manr Hizbollah TV. At 7:15 PM there were katyushas falling in Akko. No reports of injuries.

7:40 PM Just got back from mincha.

IDF Soldier killed in South Lebanon, another wounded. Total: 4 IDF soldiers killed today in South Lebanon, 8 civilians killed by Katyusha rockets, 27 wounded -- 2 criticial.

6:33 PM Air Raid sirens in Maalot...katyusha rockets reported hitting the town. An additional IDF soldier died in Rambam hospital. There are 27 wounded from today's attacks in the Nahariya hospital - 2 in critical condition. IDF source: Syria is still transporting Katyushas into Lebanon...

5:46 PM Over 130 katyusha rockets fired at Northern Israel today (so far) Channel 2 Israel TV reports that 39 rockets were fired simultaneously in of one the salvos this past hour's. 8 reported dead -- 5 in Akko, 3 in Maalot. Over 30 wounded.

5:44 PM Direct Katyusha hit on house in Kefar Marar. Ten wounded reported.

5:36 PM Thirteen Hizbolla terrorists killed today in South Lebanon, Six surrendered and taken prisoner.

5:31 PM Number of killed by past hour's Katyusha attacks rises to 7 dead.

5:23 PM Reports of 11 wounded in Nahariya Katyusha attacks. Continuous Air Raid Sirens in Kiryat Shmona.

5:15 PM Air Raid Sirens in Haifa and surrounding areas - reports of explosions heard. Air Raid Sirens in Nahariya - reports of Rocket hits.

4:59 PM Reports of rockets hitting Afula. No injuries reported. Haaretz reports 6 killed - 3 in Maalot, 3 in Akko. Over 40 rockets were fired at Israel in the past 30 minutes.

4:49 PM Pictures of Katyusha hit in Akko - reports of 3 killed.

4:44 PM UPDATED: Three killed in Maalot, Two killed in Akko from Hizbolla Katyusha attacks.

4:42 PM Conflicting reports of number of killed in the Katyusha attack over the past few minutes. Israel TV Channel 2 is reporting 3 (2 in Akko, 1 in Maalot?) Other sources reporting 5 killed. Locations unsure.

4:40 PM Total of 8 wounded in Akko, there are wounded in Maalot as well.

4:38 PM Number of wounded in a house in Kiryat Shmona that sustained a direct hit.

4:36 PM Channel 2 reports 1 killed in Akko, 1 killed in Maalot by Katyushas. 2 in serious condition in Akko.

4:22 PM Katysushas land near Shlomi, Teverya, Natzrat. Channel 1 TV reports that Katyushas land near Bet Shean as well.

4:18 PM One person in serious condition after Katyusha directly strikes his car in Akko.

4:14 PM Three rockets land in Kiryat Shmona. Sirens in Afula and Tzomet Golani. Rocket hits heard near Haifa.

4:05 PM Sirens in Haifa and Krayot, Teverya, Beit Shean.

Rocket lands near Tzefat.

2:48 PM Thousands of Jews came to pray at the Kotel last night...many pictures here.

2:43 PM Intense fighting continues between Hizbolla and IDF in Raj-Amin, South-West Lebanon

1:54 PM Two IDF soldiers killed by anti-tank fire in South Lebanon...3 wounded earlier.

Rocket Salvo hits the Golan Heights. Sirens heard in rockets hits identified.

In case you had any doubts...Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad says that while main solution for conflict in region is 'elimination of Zionist regime,' at this stage immediate ceasefire was needed to end fighting between Israel, Lebanon (YNET)

IDF finds Paletinian landmine next to Sufa crossing in Gaza.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Shanah said...

Awesome photos. I know men and women are segregated... but were any women there last night? Maybe they just didn't get their pictures taken.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shanah: I guess the photographer was on the men's side. I'm sure there were thousands of women there as well...

I'll see what I can find for you :)

Shanah said...

Understandable. Awesome. I'd love to see it. Todah! :)

have popcorn will lurk said...

I was thinking the same thing!

stillruleall said...

My wife and I went to the Kotel tonight, and a photograher was standing on the top by the womens side photographing the men. Dont know why, but thats how it is...


What I heard today from you all and on TV here is very sad. My heart cries for all of you.
I do not know what to think anymore. I see a world war III coming in the very near future.
Sad for all.
Be safe & God Bless.

FrumGirl said...

Thanks for the updates, Jameel. I have refrained from watching TV this Tisha Bav now I wish I had seen Nasrallah... thanks for the pics. Take care....


Its 10:00 PM here in the evening and They have live views on TV of Beruit. Its taking a pounding.

I hope that the sicko leader of Hizbolla does not lose it and send terror to Tel i via.

The reporter on fox that is Beruit is saying if he does then he will see the gates of hell open up.

You need to do what you need to do to stop the madness of that madman.

God Bless you all. :O)

Anonymous said...

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