Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 15th.

4:10 PM Three Hizbollah terrorists killed in the Western sector of South Lebanon.

4:00 PM (News from afar) British Airports Authority refusing to allow people to carry-on siddurim, talitot, and tefillin aboard flights, due to the terror threat last week.

2:40 PM Chief of Staff Dan Chalutz under serious fire from all sides for selling off his investment portfolio. He also said that IDF will be out of Lebanon in 10 days.

2:22 PM Female terrorist caught on route 443 (Modi'in highway) on her way to attack in Israel.

2:05 PM Exchange of fire between IDF and Hizbullah in Western region of S. Lebanon. No injuries.

1:10 PM Kick-butt Righteous Gentile awards go to the Cherev Battalion. It's an all Druze battalion, went into Lebanon on day one 32 days ago. Came out today, not even one wounded. Used their own intel and killed at least 20 Hizbullah terrorists.

1:08 PM Everyone claiming to have won. Asad says Hizbullah won. Haniyah says Hizbullah won and this is a push for furthering the Intifada. Nasrallah says they won.

12:59 PM Breaking...uh...News?!?! Israel is the Enemy that desires war! Syria and Hizbullah only want peace. So said Bashar Asad in a press confrence minutes ago. "We want peace and the way is through diplomatic negotiations. If that doesn't work we fully support 'Resistance'. But not, you know, with guns and stuff. Political and Cultural 'Resistance'."
In other news...Al-Jazeera claiming Arik is dead. Spokesfolks for Sheba hospital wonder what they're smoking over there. (ed. No, not really, but they claim there's been no change since yesterday.)

12:10 PM Interstingly enough, not much reporting on FoxNews about kidnapped correspondant Steve Centanni. I've been watching all morning and nothing mentioned.

11:52 AM IDF forces in action in Shchem. 1 terrorist dead. Hideout surrounded.

11:16 AM I wasn't sure about posting this little tidbit...but, it seems breast implants can save your life. A 24 year old woman from the Galilee area had just recieved breast implants several months ago dodged death, when shrapnel from a Katyusha rocket struck her in the chest. The metal got stuck in the silicone just milimeters from her heart. (Hebrew story here)UPDATE: A new implant was put in.

11:08 AM IDF and other sources think most reserve soldiers called up for war in Lebanon should be home by Shabbos. (ed. Unless of course the government gets a clue and realizes that they just have to call them back up again when this phoney cease fire crumbles)

10:57 AM Both the Lebanese army and UNFIL have stated categorically that they will not disarm Hizbullah. In otherwords, the cease fire agreement already isn't worth the paper it's written on.

10:54 AM I'm (Litvshe) taking over for a while, as Jameel is at the funeral of one of the soldiers killed in action in Lebanon.

9:47 AM Maariv reports that IDF Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz, sold his entire stock portfolio during the war. Is this a case of "inside information" or just a sign of his faith in the Israel's ability to win? (link in Hebrew, here)

6 IDF soldiers wounded last night in combat in South Lebanon.

Palestinians are trying to steal the limelight from Hizbollah, and are starting to send over more and more Qassam rockets into Southern Israel. One rocket hit the Ashkelon Marina yesterday - pictures here.

Excellent pictures of IDF soldiers up North, over here

More soon.

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Lurker said...

Jameel --

I think you mean that they stated categorically that they will not disarm Hizbullah.

Litvshe said...

My bad...my bad. Thanks for the fix.

BoneCrusher said...

What if we just called it quits?


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