Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Circle Of Life - Signs of the Times.

A Muqata reader sent in the following:

The Rein family from Karnei Shomron heard about their son Benaya's death in Lebanon the previous Sunday morning. That Sunday night Benaya's sister gave birth to a baby boy.

There were two signs up one next to the other in the shul in Karnei Shomron this week:

Monday, 10:00 AM at the Karnei Shomron cemetery: Getting up from the shiva - הציבור מוזמן. (translation: the public is invited)

Monday, 4:00 PM at shul in Karnei Shomron: Brit for the baby - הציבור מוזמן. This sign also included the passuk.

ואראה אותך מתבוססת בדמיך ואומר לך בדמיך חיי

The baby was of course, was named Benaya [Ori second name].

As Benaya's mother promised at her son's funeral, "We will keep building...and continue on."

בבנין הארץ ננחם

We will be comforted through the building of the land.

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Michael Lawrence said...

An amazing story - quite symbolic of the Israeli spirit and exactly what I was talking about in my latest post at


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