Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The war changing the face of the Eternal City

For decades, residents of Jerusalem have been informed of the impending start of Shabbos by the sound of air raid sirens blaring for a minute. Unfortunately this tradition has become the latest casualty of the war. Due to the influx of refugees from Northern communities, the Municipality has decided to play a rendition of the song Shalom Aleichem, which is sung at the Shabbos table when returning from synagogue, in it's place. The sirens had been causing consternation amongst the displaced persons as well as causing shock and fear amongst some.

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BoneCrusher said...

Are they at least using the Carlebach tune?

Truth said...

Hey, they should have been playing that from the beginning, instead of the freakin' air-raid siren, as if Knissat Shabbat was an attack from above. Thank the Lord for small mercies!...


DTC said...

I guess that Shalom Aleichem is better than nothing. During Gulf War I, they stopped the Erev Shabbos sirens altogether.

Anonymous said...

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