Wednesday, August 09, 2006

15 Av - August 9

All times are Israel Summer Time (GMT +3)

11:47 PM In tonight's "state of the union" address by Nasralla, he advised all Arabs living in Haifa to leave...

I'm off to bed. A good night all...see you in the AM, Israel time.


11:20 PM (That Nasralla is such a bastard) Air Raid sirens going off (again) in Kiryat Shmona and the Golan Heights.

10:50 PM Muqata friend and fellow blogger, "Back of the Hill" at recent pro-Israel rally in San Francisco. (Hat-tip; zombie time)

10:45 PM 97% of Palestinians Support Hizbollah's position against Israel. Does this mean the Oslo accords aren't fostering peace, goodwill and harmony? See the whole poll over here. (Oh, and please note, the difference between Hamas supporters and Fatah supporters in negligible)

10:27 PM Hot these days, isn't it? Thanks to Sarah's Images from down-under in the southern hemisphere for some colder weather pictures...

And if we're already taking a short break from the somber news of the day, here's an audio clip of two Israelis from Tel Aviv trying to order from Burger Beirut. Many of you I'm sure got this by email...but for those of you who didn' it is. (hat-tip: Mevaseret Zion)

(if the link below claims to be unavailable...try this one here)

10:07 PM Have you noticed something about the pictures of the war?

I read this comment on a newsite today...did you notice that one of the most predominant aspects of the pictures of this war -- more than ANY other war in Israel's history -- is the abundance of Jewish religiousity evident in the IDF today. While there was the one classic poster of the IDF soldier in 1973 holding a lulav and etrog ontop of his tank during the Yom Kippur war -- today there are literally hundreds and hundreds of pictures of IDF soldiers praying with tefillin, talitot, holding sifrei Torah, reciting Tefillat HaDerech -- Judaism abounds, proudly. Granted the saying goes that "there are no athiests in a foxhole," yet I find it telling that not only is there such a wave of religion going on at the front lines, but that it's getting so much positive publicity as well.

Food for thought...


9:30 PM Some of Jameel's thoughts on today.

Today has been the worst day of fighting since the war started. At least 15 IDF soldiers are reported killed in action, and many, many were wounded. I get updates around the clock from a variety of sources -- many of which I can't and don't blog about in real time, since the information is still considered classified.

Hearing about soldiers wounded...killed...civilians hurt in rocket attacks, and precise locations of where rockets land is sometimes almost unbearable, and yet, I don't blog about it because this sort of information can't be released immediately. In fact, channel 10 TV news just reported something cleared for publication 1 minute ago. Twenty Five years ago, an emergency hospital was built in Kiryat Shmona, completely underground, underneath a regular building...for the specific use of times like today. I understand that it is now "going active..."

So, I speak to my soldier friends up North, or friends of friends up North...and they all say the same thing more or less. And they all say, "this cannot be repeated...and definitely not by phone..."

And I wait...and don't blog it...till it's reported on TV or radio...

I will write this: Israel Channel 2 TV reporter Roni Daniel just said moments ago: "The Operation is Starting..."

Good Luck to us all...Chazak v'Ematz.


9:00 PM Reports of 2 more IDF soldiers killed in combat in South Lebanon; today's total appears to be 15 dead, and dozens wounded. Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

8:47 PM Cleared for Publication: Two female terrorists; a suicide bomber and her driver, were caught by IDF "Charuv" unit in Beit Iyba (near Kedumim and Shavei Shomron)

8:10 PM Nasralla about to speak on Hizbolla TV in the coming minutes. Northern cities and villages on alert as Air Raid sirens announce possible incoming Katyushas...

8:08 PM
Here's a site in Hebrew with a list of all the Israeli casualties since the start of the war (Soldiers and Civilians).

5:00 PM Fox News reporting 11 soldiers killed in action today.

4:49 PM Ehud Ya'ari claiming Hizbullah is at the end of their rope, they're throwing all they can at Israel at this very moment and can't do any more.

4:45 PM Israeli cabinet approves extending the ground war in Lebanon. Troops will move to the Litani river.

4:40 PM Wounded in fight for Bint Jabaeil. At least 20 Hizbullah terrorists killed and command center bombed.

2:47 PM Knesset Finance comittee approves 2 million shekel grant to build Beit Midrash in a community in the South Hebron Hills area.

2:45 PM Who are they aiming at? Second Chaiber-1 rocket hits Arab village of Faqua. The first one hit last week. No damage and no injuries.

2:41 PM In the last month, security forces have stopped 8 terror attacks in progress (kidnappings and suicide bombings, that is to say right before they could happen) as well as an additional 12 potential attacks have been stopped.

2:34 PM Air Raid sirens in the Krayot (surrounding Haifa) Hizbolla says rockets fired at Zichron Yaakov today are of type "Chaiber-1".

2:30 PM Air Raid sirens in Natzrat and Afula.

2:24 PM reports of 1 wounded in Tzefat by Katyusha rocket attack. Funeral for IDF soldier Noam Meyerson to be held this evening at Har Herzel military cemetary, Jerusalem at 21:00.

2:22 PM Reports of very heavy fighting up in South Lebanon between IDF soldiers and Hizbolla terrorists.

2:20 PM More photoshopped pictures here.

2:14 PM You decide.

2:05 PM I have a good audio clip I want to put up -- anyone have any ideas for a good audio file hosting server? (I used youtube for video...but they don't support audio)...Thanks in advance...

2:03 PM Direct Katyusha hit on home in Shlomi. MDA, Fire-dept, IDF Homefront forces responding.

1:59 PM Air Raid Sirens in Teverya, Tzefat, Rosh Pina, Chatzor, Nahariya, Shlomi, Maalot, Kiryat Shmona...

1:36 PM For those that missed this yesterday, NY Times was busted in a Hizbolla Photo Fraud. DovBear seems to think that these photoshopping incidents are not based on anti-Israel sentiment or bias ("I don't understand how Reuters missed the one with the smoke. It's pretty obvious. But I don't think this proves "bias",) but based on greed. I disagree.

1:30 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ramot Naftali. No injuries reported in Kiryat Shmona, despite many rockets falling.

1:30 PM Brave Palestinians use 5 year old child to attempt to smuggle cellphone to imprisoned Palestinian terrorist in "Shikma" jail in Israel. Jailers found the phone and confiscated it...they probably gave the kid ice-cream. (story in Hebrew, here)

1:23 PM IDF Homefront command urgent announcement on radio: Residents of Tzefat, Rosh Pina, Chatzor, Yesod Hamaala and surrounding areas to immediately go into bomb shelters.

1:20 PM Many Katyusha rockets land in Kiryat Shmona, direct hits on buildings...Air Raid sirens continuing...

1:15 PM Kayushas hit Maalot - direct hits on buildings. No injuries reported.

1:09 PM Long range rockets land in Haifa.

12:47 PM Air Raid sirens in Kiryat Shmona and the Galil. Four Hizbolla terrorists killed, 2 wounded in Jeramin. (South Lebanon)

12:44 PM Air Raid sirens in Shlomi, Maalot, Kfar Vradim, Karmiel.

12:43 PM Reports of four very seriously wounded IDF soldiers in anti-tank missile attack in South Lebanon

12:35 PM Number of Katyusha rockets land between Zichron Yaakov and Hadera. No injuires reported.

12:15 PM See brave Palestinian Terrorists use children as human shields.

11:24 AM Soldier wounded in Bint Jabaeil.

11:23 AM Rockets fall in open areas around Haifa.

11:20 AM Jameel reports: Large numbers of Iranian commandos embedded with Hizbullah terrorists (said in the name of DM Peretz). I will look for confirmation. Heard on 10:00 AM news on IDF radio.

11:19 AM Sirens sounding in Tiveriyah and Beit Sha'an.

11:00 AM 2 terrorists killed in Jenin in what seems to be a targeted assasination. Heavy fighting in S. Lebanese town of A-Taiybeh. Sirens in the north, Haifa, Zichron, Binyaminah, no reports of rocket hits.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Olah Chadasha said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit.

JoeSettler said...

11:20 AM Jameel reports: Large numbers of Iranian commandos embedded with Hizbullah terrorists (said in the name of DM Peretz). I will look for confirmation. Heard on 10:00 AM news on IDF radio.

Consider it confirmed.

JJ said...

Lovely video. Has Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, etc. ignored it yet?

mrspaj said...

I just want to thank you for doing're my link to what's truly going on while I sit so far away...

bluke said...

The cabinet approved extending the ground war however, the timing is up to the PM and Peretz and in fact, the two are not even obligated to implement the decision. This cabinet decision is pathetic. For more see Today's Cabinet decision: Mind Boggling and The pathetic leadership of Israel

Elie said...

On Your 9:00 Update: Baruch Dayan Emes if the death toll you report is accurate. But I haven't seen any confirmation for this on the J-Post or Arutz-7 sites; they only speak of today's injuries so far. I fear your report is correct, but I pray theirs is!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Elie: How I wish you were right...maybe...maybe...

Lurker said...

It's 10:30 pm already, and I haven't seen any reports that the operation has begun...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Lurker; I wrote -- Roni Daniel said it on Channel 2 TV... Maybe he's wrong...but I doubt it.


God Bless all the soldiers that are putting their life on the lin for Israel.
God bless you all as well !

Lurker said...

This is quite interesting.

I turned on Channel 2, and I see that they are indeed reporting that the large-scale ground invasion is underway.

However, Channel 1 and Channel 10 are not reporting it at all. Neither are Jpost, Haaretz, or Ynet. Even CNN, the BBC and Fox aren't carrying it!

It seems pretty obvious that Channel 2 is violating military censorship big time here...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Well Mr. Lurker...I guess you need to visit the Muqata for your news more often :)

(And as I've written before, I will not be the first major source on the internet or MSM to introduce a classified story...)

westbankmama said...

Jameel - you are absolutely right not to write about anything until it is "officially" put out. I am constantly hearing rumors from women about the numbers of dead - and in almost every case the numbers are inflated.


Why want to the Coward Nasralla tell the truth about how many of the Hizbollah have been killed.

I saw the interview they did with the one that was in on the capture of the two soldiers. Its sad they brainwash those guys like they do.

I hope he converts. :O) Israel should drop Bibles to them out of the air.

Somewhat Anonymous said...

I still dread that the casualty numbers you reported might be right, but I should note that Fox News says that it got the numbers from Al-Jazeera, for what that's worth.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Somewhat Anonymous: Halevai...I certainly hope so. I'm off to bed, hoping...hoping...that I'm wrong.

Somewhat Anonymous said...

Ha'aretz just confirmed - 15 soldiers killed today - Boruch Dayan Ha'emes


It is being reported on Fox News that indeed Iranian soldiers are being found dead with the Hizloblah fighters.

How sad is that ? Cowards have to have others fight their wars for them.

I hope they all are blown away. This may sound like I am a war monger but I am not. Its just angers me even more.

God Bless Israel always !

Lion of Zion said...


Your write about the religious revival, but there was one element missing from the prank call to Beirut: is the hashgahah badatz or rabbanut?

But seriously, you really made my day.

queeniesmom said...

Baruch Dayan Emet. May we all see a speedy conclusion to this war and not have more days like today.

May Hashem watch over all Klal Yisrael and especially the IDF.

Am hoping that tomorrows news is better.

Thank you for doing this, it is greatly appreciated!

Kol Tov.


While you all were sleeping. I wonder whats up with all this.
GREAT BRITTON FOILS A 20 AIRPLANE BLOW UP PLOT...They wanted to blow them up in midair. I hope the rest of the world has a keen eye on their airports.



Something is up. I hope you all are watching your planes. Seems like these killers like airplanes.

What do you make of all this. I wonder if it is to take attention away from Israel as well.

Meanwhile we still have 8 of 11 excange students on the losse in the USA. They arrested one yesterday and 2 more turned themselves in.


Thought you might find this interesting.
link here..

3 Missing Egyptian Students In Custody
Officials Say There's No Indication 8 Others Pose A Threat

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 9, 2006


"I guess I'm not optimistic that we are ever going to hear from them."

Norm Peterson, vice provost for international education at Montana State University


Go To Comments

(AP) Three Egyptian students sought along with eight others who failed to show up for an exchange program in Montana were taken into custody on Wednesday, authorities said.

Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El-Dessouki, 21, was taken into custody in Minnesota on what was termed an administrative immigration violation as an out-of-status student, according to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Two other students, whose names were not yet released, turned themselves into authorities in New Jersey.

"The FBI remains extremely interested in interviewing," the other missing Egyptian students, said Paul McCabe, a spokesman for the FBI in Minneapolis.

The missing students pose no terrorism threat, the agency said.

Authorities began searching for the 11 Egyptian students after they arrived in the United States last month, but failed to show up for an exchange program at Montana State University.

The Egyptian men were among a group of 17 students who arrived in New York from Cairo on July 29 with valid visas, according to U.S. authorities and university officials.

The other six arrived as planned at the Montana school.

Montana State repeatedly tried to contact the missing students, including via e-mail, a school official said earlier this week. When that failed, the school notified Homeland Security officials and registered the Egyptians as "no-shows" in the system developed after the Sept. 11 attacks to track foreign students.

The students were participating in an exchange program with Mansoura University in Mansoura, Egypt.

Norm Peterson, vice provost for international education at Montana State, said he doubts the school will have any future contact with the missing students.

"I guess I'm not optimistic that we are ever going to hear from them," he said Wednesday. "It's more likely that they will hopefully depart from the country as soon as possible voluntarily — or the federal authorities will continue to track them down and deal with them appropriately."

The six students who did arrive for the month-long program of English instruction and U.S. history and culture "are doing fine under the circumstances," Peterson said.

"But it is really a challenging situation for them to suddenly have so much press attention" for simply being the ones who showed up, he said.

The U.S. government tightened the student visa process after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. One of the hijackers involved in the attacks had arrived in the United States on a student visa, and immigration officials approved student visas for two other hijackers after they entered the country. A fourth attended flight training school without a student visa.

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"Being American does not give us moral superiority over others. The test of Christian faith is to be willing to die for Christ, but not kill. This life is only practice to determine what we face in the next."
Posted by joeschmoetoo at 02:22 PM : Aug 09, 2006 are right about the morality of being an American. One thing though: God did not burden on us the "STUPIDITY", to sit and take it!! THE WILLINGNESS TO DIE WITHOUT FIGHTING IS TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT.

This is a holy war based on the views of some extreme Muslims, that want us off the face of the earth!!!!!! "ALL NON-MUSLIMS ARE TO DIE"(THIS IS THEIR VIEW ON THE WORLD". We are not trying to impose on them, they are imposing on us.





Posted by utahmike007 at 09:44 PM : Aug 09, 2006
+ comment complaint
I agree that there must be more stringent observation and examination of records and information prior to allowing just anyone with a visa into this country. But, this is not the only problem. We must refine our list of potential terror suspects, and potential problem immigration or visitation to where we do not arrest the wrong man or woman and send them to a location we all are concerned over at this point in regard to detainees. Known affiliations and known familial contacts must be compiled and accuracy is imperative.

Posted by laneff at 07:46 PM : Aug 09, 2006

Are these students Egyptian Christians or muslims??..shouldn't that be part of the story? THAT is an important missing link in the post 9-11 era. Please spare us
the 'politcally correct ' bs.
Posted by wolfchef1 at 04:59 PM : Aug 09, 2006

Why, in God's name, are we allowing these people into the US? Is it going to take another major tragedy, like 911, before we tighten our borders and not allow the Mid-East types in?
Posted by RTemlakdds at 04:26 PM : Aug 09, 2006

It be nice if the FBI could give more information!
Posted by jimbo505 at 03:45 PM : Aug 09, 2006

Being American does not give us moral superiority over others. The test of Christian faith is to be willing to die for Christ, but not kill. This life is only practice to determine what we face in the next.
Posted by joeschmoetoo at 02:22 PM : Aug 09, 2006

I find the below comment offensive. Global assimilation is not a solution. Religious intolerance fuels conflict. Unfortunately, the complaint button is not functioning. The below post should be removed.
Posted by kt_mccormack at 01:08 PM : Aug 09, 2006

Iran has said that it will give its answer to the U.N. and the world on the proposals/incentives on August 22, a very holy day in Islam. Is it a coincidence that these Egyptians go missing about one month before this date? I guess we will see. But if there is another attack, Americans aren't going to be tolerant this time.
Posted by USA-Forever at 03:30 AM : Aug 09, 2006

Baka da yo. noonashi yaroo

The line of civilization will continue through Asia. Western civilization is infected with a parasite that cannot be extinguished whose ability to parasitize is dependent on its proven ability to disrupt the homeostasis of its host systems to its own advantage. Asian societies have proved relatively immune to this infection and will survive as Western societies kill each other off in parasite inspired lethal confrontations and general social breakdown.
Posted by homohubris at 10:05 PM : Aug 08, 2006


"The line of the fight between civilization and barbarism runs right along the Israel-Lebanon non-border. If it's not won there, it won't be long until the front line is right here, and then it will be too late. When George Bush stands up for Israel, he stands up for the whole future of mankind. Yes, he has flaws and has made serious mistakes, but right now, he is a hero for the ages". (AMEN)

Posted by utahmike007 at 09:51 PM : Aug 08, 2006

Lurker said...

OK -- it's 11:00 am, and the ground invasion hasn't happened.

This was a good lesson for me in the application of Occam's Razor.

I was ready to entertain all sorts of theories about why every single news outlet except Channel 2 was blacking out such a big story.

I didn't consider the much simpler possibility that Channel 2 just made it up (or got duped into announcing a non-event through stupidity and incompetence).

That's the last time I'll take Roni Daniel at his word...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Lurker: Actually, I did some additional investigation into what happened last night. There were 2 additional operations (small ones) that started, and I assume that Roni Daniel assumed that from those operations, he concluded that the "Big One" was taking place. (And there are more troops right now in Lebanon as a result)

So...we're still waiting for the "big one" to happen...

have popcorn will lurk said...

That Burger King clip cracks me up every time!

There's stuff being said at the very end that I don't understand, but it's still very, very funny.


I found this funny...Found it on the net in a comments section. LOL


A feminine version of taking a dump. The word may also denote a cowardly connotation, someone who embarassed self.

Anonymous said...

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