Sunday, August 20, 2006

History...repeating itself.

My Rav pointed out an interesting piece from a sefer called Yesod Yisharim. The book is a collection of talks given by R' Eliyahu Weintraub, a student of R' Yitzchak Hutner Z"L. In the talk he recalls a conversation R' Ya'akov Liss Z"L had with R' Yiztchok Ze'ev Soleveitchik Z"L, the Brisker Rav. This was in 1956, after the Sinai Campaign. Rav Liss asked the Brisker Rav what Da'as Torah was on the situation.
The GrI"Z responded that Israel went to war for three reasons.
1. To liberate the Suez Canal
2. To topple (Gammel Abdul) Nasser (the Egyptian leader)
3. To save Israel from those who wish to harm her

The first two, he said, were not accomplished. The third never occured to those in power.

He went on to say that even though the nation was declaiming the wonders of the miracles that happened, it was usless. Since it's not the recognition of the miracle that means something, it's the conclusion you take from the miracle.

He brought as a proof the story of Yitzchak, that he had the exact same facial features as his father Avraham. Why? So that people would not comment and say that Avimelech was his father, since there was a time that Sarah was held in Avimelech's house.
What's the connectin? It's clear that the fact that Sarah became pregnant and had a child was a miracle. No one denied that fact, since it was clear that Avraham, who had proven he was able to father children already, wasn't the cause of Sarah's barreness. The fact that those people refused to learn the correct lesson from the miracle of Yitchak's birth is the main point in the story.
HaShem showers his people with miracles every minute of the day. That 4,000+ missles landed on Israel in a month and that so few people were killed is clearly a miracle. That Syria and Iran didn't get involved directly, a miracle. The question is what conculsion to take from these miracles?

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YMedad said...

The real miracle - Olmert & Co. are still in office and Am Yisrael is too complacent.

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