Thursday, August 10, 2006

16th of Av, August 10th. News from Israel.

12:16 AM. Hot Air has the video of the Thomas Ricks interview and follow-up analysis. All in English. Here's the link (Hat-tip: Olah Chadasha)

I'm off to bed now. G'night.


11:23 PM Roundup of the past few hours.

1. Tourist stabbed to death in Jerusalem by Palestinian.
2. Another IDF soldier killed in combat today.
3. CeaseFire in the works...which will prove once and for all, that crime pays.

Israel will be forced to leave South Lebanon, without Hizbollah being disarmed.

Israel will be forced to negotiate a prisoner swap with Hizbollah as the only means of returning our kidnapped soldiers.

Israel will be forced to negotiate the abandonment of the Shaaba Farm area (Har Dov), which will reduce our security even further.

Hizbolla will retain their rockets and missiles, and even though they will be deployed (for the time being) north of the Litani River, they will still be a threat to Israel.

Lastly -- Hizbollah's standing in the Arab world as the power that took on Israel, and won, will be celebrated for revitalizing the Arab dream of pushing Israel into the sea, once and for all.

If the Israeli government accepts these "terms of surrender" -- then the very fate of Israel's survival comes into question.

It also means, that after a war that cost the Israeli economy over 7 billion shekel, loss of over 115 lives of soldiers and civilians, and the loss of the IDF as a military deterrence -- we will have lost the war.

And that will set the stage for Olmert's big plans...for yet another unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank.

G-d Help Us.

6:00 PM As of a few minutes ago, over 155 katyushas landed in Israel today. Heavy fighting in Kefar Markaba in South Lebanon. Washington Post Defense Analyst, Thomas Ricks claims in a CNN interview that Israel is intentionally allowing rocket attacks on Israel's northern cities...(no time to translate it all - gotta run to a wedding now. The story is here in Hebrew..I assume it's in English somewhere as well...) Large Meretz/Gush Shalom demonstration in Tel-Aviv (not in Haifa for some reason) scheduled for this evening demanding that Israel unilaterally stop all military action in Lebanon, and pull out all IDF forces.

Catch you later...


5:34 PM Air Raid sirens going off in the city of Shfaram and surrounding areas.

5:31 PM Wife of kidnapped soldier raises money for north

Karnit and Shlomo Goldwasser, the wife and father of kidnapped soldier Ehud Goldwasser, arrived in the United States in order to bring public attention to the kidnapped soldiers. At the same time, they raised millions of dollars for residents of northern Israel.

On Wednesday, Karnit and Shlomo reached the west coast, and held a press conference organized by the local consulate in LA, in order to present the personal face of the kidnapped soldiers.

Karnit appeared at the start of the evening at an event held by the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles in which USD 2 million was raised. At the same time, a Jewish Iranian organization held its own event and raised USD 1.4 million.

When Goldwasser entered the hall, the fundraising was at its peak, and all of the attendants rose to give her an ovation for five long minutes. (YNETnews)

5:17 PM Yet Another Prank Call. Shai and Dror - not my favorite comedians, decided on yet another prank phone call. Burger King in Beirut wasn't enough, so they went one step further, and called Fouad Siniora, the Prime Minister of Lebanon to ask him about his crying last week in his speech to the Lebanese Parliment. The claimed to be calling from Tony Blair's office, and even got Mr. Siniora out of a government cabinet meeting. It has some hebrew in it, but all the conversation with Mr. Siniora is in English -- till he slams the phone down on them. Bart Simpson could take a lesson...Download it here.

4:53 PM Air Raid Sirens in Nahariya, Kiryat Shmona, and Galilee Panhandle.

The New York Times has a unphotoshopped account of yesterday's combined wedding in Tel-Aviv for refugees from Northern Israel.

4:50 PM Two people lightly wounded in Kiryat Motzkin from Katyusha strike.

4:41 PM Reports of direct hits in many locations...with Tefen, Kiryat Motzkin, Kefar Rama. MDA forces responding.

4:40 PM Rockets landing in Haifa...additional forces responding.

4:37 PM Two rockets land in Krayot area...forces responding.

4:20 PM Palestinians March in Support of Hizbollah...distribute candies to children, wave Hizbollah flags, sing praises to Hizbollah and Hamas, and dance upon hearing of the death of IDF soldiers. Iran? Syria? Lebanon? All this takes Jerusalem's Old City...under the protective support of the Israeli police. (hat-tip source in Hebrew)

4:18 PM Israeli fighfighters battle wildbrush fires in Northern Israel started by Katyusha rocket strikes.

3:52 PM Rotter.Net reports Hizbollah SMS messages intercepted by the IDF:

"He's dead...send someone to pick him up"
"There isn't enough clean water"
"Send comrades to replace us"
"Chasan [or Aman] is sick with a high fever"
"We are out of ammunition...requested refills haven't arrived"

We should be sending them SMS replies "from" Hizbollah central HQ:

"Cannibalism never hurt anyone"
"You never shower anyway"
"You guys are doing such a good job, you can't be replaced"
"Take 2 aspirin and call us in the morning"
"We're also out of ammo...try surrendering"

3:50 PM Rockets are falling everywhere...over 110 so far as of an hour ago (and there have been a lot more since). Rockets landed all over the person was hurt lightly in Nahariya.

2:40 PM Air Raid Sirens in Teverya. Katyusha Rockets land in Tzefat. No Injuries Reported.

2:25 PM Rockets Land in Kiryat Shmona; emergency forces responding. Air Raid Sirens in Maalot.

2:04 PM Ongoing Lebanese Hatred...see this billboard in Lebanon of US Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice -- with blood dripping from her lips, and the announcement in arabic: "Massacre of the Qana Children II - a Present from Rice"

hat-tip (in hebrew).

2:02 PM Air Raid Sirens continue to sound all over the north (and in the Galilee Panhandle)

1:33 PM Air Raid Sirens in Haifa. Direct Katyusha hit on chicken coop in Kiryat Shmona results in the massacre of dozens of chickens. Where's PETA when you need them to criticize Hizbollah? (Or will they say Israel was using them as shields by intentionally building a chicken coop in a location which was bound to be shelled...?)

1:30 PM Despite Israel's position that the major ground offensive is "on hold", the Lebanese "Daily Star" reports otherwise. (Maybe Channel 2 reporter Roni Daniel was right?)

1:28 PM Rocket lands in Northern Galil. Two reported casualties from previous rocket attack near Carmiel, in Dir al-Assad.

1:20 PMAir Raid Sirens continuing to sound in Northern Israel -- Haifa, Krayot, Kiryat Shmona, "Etzba HaGalil" and others. (Does anyone have a good translation for "Etzba HaGalil", other than "Finger of Galilee"? (It's the geographically northern "finger" of the Galil)

12:15 PM No injuries reported on direct hit in the Krayot.

12:10 PM Direct hit on home in the Krayot by Katyusha rocket. Emergency forces repsonding.

Also cleared for publication this morning -- Israeli Druze arrested and convicted of aiding the enermy during wartime. Two Beit Zarzir (Northern Israel) residents; a civilian and IDF tracker were nabbed by the Shabak (Israeli secret service) for transferring precise locations of Katyusha hits to Hizbollah operatives in South Lebanon (to aid them in aligning their launchers), as well as providing IDF troop movement locations in Northern Israel.

12:04 PM Another 243 new olim (immigrants) from North America arrive in Israel via Nefesh b'Nefesh. 15 of them are reportedly drafted immediately into the IDF to serve in the war effort (They asked to be drafted)...(heard on IDF military radio this morning while driving to work)

12:03 PM Rockets land in Krayot area (Haifa area), Air Raid Sirens in Teverya.

11:59 AM Infant killed by Hizbollah Katyusha strike on Dir al-Assad. Air Raid Sirens continue sounding in Haifa and Krayot.

11:39 AM Clarification from yesterday. I reported that Roni Daniel, Israel's Channel 2 military analyst/reporter was definitivly saying that the major ground offensive has started. I understand why he was incorrect in his assesment -- there were operations starting last night, as the takeover of Marjayoun started to intensify. It's possible that he thought that the enormous IDF presence in that direction was the start of a full ground offensive. YNET reports of "massive battles" in that area...

Additional Breaking Info: MDA reports 2 wounded in Katyusha rocket attack in Dir al-Assad (Northern Israel); 1 criticial, 1 serious.

11:36 AM Sorry for the late start today...

9 Rockets land in Krayot/Haifa area. Air Raid Sirens going off at this time all over Northern Israel...

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael



Thanks, keep it going because it looks like the London ariport thing is gonna take over the TV SCREENS here in the USA.

Litvshe said...

Etzba HaGalil...
Galilee Panhandle

Lurker said...

Etzba Hagalil:

How about "giving Lebanon the finger"?

tafka PP said...

That's quite awful about the Druze informants.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tafka PP: Actually, I think the Palestinian parade of support for Hizbolla in Jerusalem the other day was even worse.

westbankmama said...

Ok, is that email real or just good psy-ops?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

WBM: The report on is from a very legit person (Niztan Or).

The replies were from me :)

Lurker said...

Regarding the pro-Hizbollah demonstration in Jerusalem:

More than once, I've seen police in Jerusalem brutally arrest people -- including children -- for wearing Kahane T-shirts. These people were subsequently charged with the crime of "supporting a terrorist organization".

Yet these same police will provide official protection and logistical support for a giant demonstration, with flags and music, in support of the enemy terrorists currently engaged in a murderous war against us.

The suicidal self-hatred of the Jewish State seems to reach new depths every day.

stillruleall said...

That Shai and Dror clip was great! where do you keep pulling this stuff from?? I definitely do not like them, especially their articles in Maariv, but I got to hand it to them on this one...

have popcorn will lurk said...

Um - I wonder if that one bride realized she forgot to put her wedding dress on????


August 21 - was it to be the next 9/11?

BoneCrusher said...

Don't worry, Jameel isn't a polygomist. The wedding is for the daughter of one of our CTU members.

kishnevi said...

Wasn't the Rice banner the one that was ready to go within a couple of hours of the Qana building collapse--the one ready so quickly it was used as evidence of preplanning by Hezbollah?

To Lurker and Kach613: the difference between then and us, is that we have the Torah, and therefore should know better than to be racists and bigots and intolerant SOBs.

JoeSettler said...

It's even worse than you thought:

bec said...

i'm so sick of this cease fire business. how come during the holocaust, nobody called for a ceasefire?
i really cannot understand how the world can sit blindly by and criticize israel and demand that we stop defending our country, when terrorism goes on--rewarded. has the world lost its collective mind? where's morality????

henry siteber said...

If I could have one wish come true, I wouldn't ask for anything for myself. I would only ask for things to finally get better in your region.
It must suck being a child these days.

S said...

Tom Ricks has further expanded on what he meant

Olah Chadasha said...

Jameel, I'll see you at the next Lebanon War. 6 years from now sound good to you...?

Lurker said...

Olah Chadasha:

Tsk, tsk. Don't you see now, according to our leftist elites, we've all got to stop thinking about what will happen 6 years from now:

A. B. Yehoshua: Stop thinking 6 years ahead - stop fighting and rely on international forces

Ben Ami said...

jameel, thanks very much for providing what has become my main source of war news. as much as i dread reading it, it provides a needed service. here's hoping for happier days.


Just like I thought. No news here tonight much about the war there...
Everyone is focused on The London Plane bombing that was stopped. Please post what is going on there. I hoep that if there is somekind of ceasefire voted on today in the UN (disgusting idiots) that it is Israels favor.

You folks matter to me. Your society is made up of a lot of very smart and beautiful people.

God bless you all. I hope your goverment officals do not bow to the UN..They are a terrorists orginization IMO. They make me sick. And if the venezualan idiot is appoint to a post it will be even worse.

Something must be done about the UN and soon. I know that Kofi will be gone after DEC. ..wonder who will take his place.??

Jim said...

You know there is a point to all this Iran/Syria/Hizbollah/BinLadenAlQueda stuff,
a point to the massive stockpile on the border of Israel, plots planned thruout the world for sep/oct,
what could that be?

What does Iran want, What does bin Laden want, to make themselves more effective in the world?

Nuclear materials and bombs possessed and ready to steal from Israel, right in their own neighborhood, also the world authorities better wake up to what if India/Pakistan is a target for incursion and theft.

Iran, via Israel could be a nuclear power by the end of the year, even sooner, there would then be nuclear terrorism world wide, the world would be in a strangle hold.

True or not, I say it is, pass the word just in case. Somebody needs to consider it.

Judith said...

"And that will set the stage for Olmert's big plans...for yet another unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank."

Olmert's government won't last that long. Ironically, the introduction of short-range missiles means that the West Bank can never be free as long as there is any possibility it could be a staging ground for katushyas. Israelis won't allow any government which would allow that.

BoneCrusher said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BoneCrusher said...

And in other news Israel Begins the Destruction of Homes in Samaria, Wasting Valuable Military Resources and Creating a Third Front in the Current War ...

The Wise Men of Chelm are laughing at us Again!

BoneCrusher said...

17 of Av, August 11, 2006, 11AM

Haifa is under fire Friday morning, three rocket volleys struck the city and bayside suburbs.

An Arab woman and her five-year-old son were killed in a Katyusha attack on their house in the Arab village of Deir el-Asad. Three other people wounded. Nice shooting N-ass-ralla!

Some 165 rockets were fired at Israel yesterday, hitting Kiryat Shmoneh, Tzfat, Hatzor, Carmiel and Nahariya in the morning, and the Haifa bayside suburbs in the afternoon.

On Wednesday Hizballah fired more than 170 rockets into Israel – at least 8 long-range Khaibar-1 missiles as well as shorter range Katyushas.

Anonymous said...

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