Monday, August 28, 2006

Never stops does it...

During the run up to the last elections, when Ariel Sharon was still around, there was an on going joke about the name chosen to represent his new political party. As you all know it is called Kadima, that is to say Forward. The joke was, given Sharon and his son Omri's legal issues, was that Kadima meant, Kadima L'Keleh or Forward to Prison. As we've already seen one Minister from Kadima stripped of his portfolio and indicted on corruption charges as well as Omri Sharon convicted of illegal doings, the name seems apt.
Well...the fun never stops. The State Comptroller has come out with a new report. Guess what? More hanky-panky from the folks in Kadima. This time it's the man in charge. It seems that Ehud, when he was Minister of Industry, used his position to make some appoinments in a less then above board manner. His predecessor to the post Dalia Itzik (formerly Labor, now...ah come on, I don't need to tell you really) also seems to have been up to no good. Certain party members were given positions on certain comitees where they didn't really have to do anything but were able to submit expense reports for hundreds of thousands of shekels...and get reimbursed.
All the relevent information has been passed on to the Attorny General (paragon of truth, justice and incorruptablity that he is...).

Not holding my breath though.
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Unknown said...

If they start digging they will find something on everyone in every single party and even not in a party. So what's the point?

Litvshe said...

I disagree with your premise. And even if it is true. Kick them all out until politicians get the hint that if you're going to feed at the public trough you need to be extra careful not to break the law or be corrupt.

kishnevi said...

Kadima is the party in power. If you're going to bribe someone, you don't bribe the guy who is out of power.

That said, they obviously forgot to supply the Hebrew edition with someone to write "Bintel Brief".

Rafi G. said...

appoint people to positions they do not deserve or are qualified for - the reports would not be referring to Peretz as DM, or Halutz (an airforce guy) as Chief of Staff would it?

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