Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ron Arad...Still Missing?

I was at an MDA ALS enrichment class this evening, when I got an SMS update: Ron Arad's appearance in a Lebanese TV promo (full show to be broadcast next week) was verified by the Arad family as real footage of Ron Arad.

A chill went through my body when reading it. I wordlessly gave my cellphone to my friend sitting next to me, he read it, and his mouth dropped open.

After being told by IDF general after general that Ron Arad was dead...this story has totally shocked the country.

YNET reports the following (and you can see the video trailer as well).

VIDEO - Lebanese television network LBC says it plans to air a new movie soon featuring missing Israeli airman Ron Arad.

The promo to the movie, which was aired Monday evening, shows an Israeli jet fighter followed by Arad speaking to the camera.

The content of the movie is unclear at this time. The network, associated with Lebanon's Christian community, is boasting that the film is an exclusive. The promo promises that the images and sounds will be aired for the first time ever.

In October 16, 1986, an Israeli Air Force jet was hit while attacking terrorist targets south of Sidon. Arad and the pilot bailed out of the plane over Lebanese territory. A helicopter dispatched by the army managed to rescue the pilot, but Arad was not as fortunate and was captured by the Shiite Amal organization.

After being captured, Arad exchanged hands and according to some estimates eventually reached Iran. Israel received no sign of life from him for many years.

In the last prisoner swap with Hizbullah that secured the release of Elhanan Tennenbaum and the bodies of three IDF soldiers, Israel released Hizbullah's top two prisoners, which were held in Israel in an attempt to secure information about Arad and possibly serve as bargaining chips.

The Arad family was infuriated after the release of Mustafa Dirani and the Sheikh Obeid and charged that Israel abandoned Arad. A non-profit organization set up on behalf of the missing navigator is offering a financial reward for any information about him.

This is one story that will keep Israel riveted to the news for the coming days...

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YMedad said...

I saw the clip. It looks as though the picture, a still, of him was taken within just a few years of his captivity so I wouldn't jump to conclusions one way or the other.

Olah Chadasha said...

Ok, medad is correct, but my mouth dropped open regardless. My thought is that they're are trying to up the ante for the quality of prisoner exchange by "hinting" that Arad may still be alive. It is chilling and disgusting to see the lengths that these monsters will go to achieve their sick goals. And, we're negotiating with these ____ bleeps???

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YMedad and OC: Yes, you could both be correct that this is nothing new...

...and it could easily be yet another cruel trick of the Hizbolla...

...but still...it makes you wonder.

JoeSettler said...

As noted on my blog, real or not, it's just as likely that this is merely another psychological warfare game by Hizbollah and Iran, and Israel is falling for it.

MC Aryeh said...

It is not just those in Israel who will be riveted by how this plays out....I just feel bad for the family if this turns out to come to nothing after they have gotten their hopes up.

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