Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday, August 13th.

11:04 PM I'm off to bed...big day tomorrow - cease fire "starts" at 7:00 AM. Want to start the betting how long before the first shot is fired?



PS: Still looking for donations so I can get a PDA with GPRS so I can blog around the clock :)

10:56 PM Air Raid Sirens throughout Kiryat Shmona.

10:50 PM Breaking News continued!

IAF has shot down a Hizbolla drone, which was loaded with explosives...headed towards central Israel...another drone crashed near Tyre, apparently due to a malfunction.

10:37 PM YNET reports that Five Hizbullah members terrorists have been killed by IDF forces in the village of al-Mantsuri, in the western region of south Lebanon. (This is not the large scale attack referred to below)

10:36 PM Channel 10 TV (Israel) reports that the IDF has just foiled a large scale Hizbollah attack...details to be provided as the IDF censor permits.

10:17 PM Israel continues to bomb Beirut hours ahead of cease-fire.
Israel has announced that the IDF will abide by the ceasefire and stop all attacks as of 7:00 AM, Israel Daylight Svaings time [GMT +3], tomorrow (Monday) morning. On interesting reason I've heard being given as to why Olmert and Peretz insisted on the last minute ground-force incursion up the to Litani river, is that in case the cease fire doesn't work out (which it probably won't) -- then we'll have the manpower available to do the job we should have started 3 weeks ago.

10:01 PM Update from the past few hours...

1. Cleared for publication; 5 additional IDF soldiers killed in combat today in Lebanon. (2 officers, 3 soldiers). Over 160 soldiers hospitalized over the past 48 hours.

2. Pictures of today's Katyusha attacks in

3. Breaking News: Foreign News sources reporting "unusual" activity taking place on the border between Israel and Syria, as an entire tank battalion is heading towards Israeli border outposts. (Fox News)

4. Over 80 civilians wounded today in biggest attack of Katyusha rockets this past month. Over 250 rockets hit Northern Israel.

5:13 PM Ongoing Air Raid sirens in Nahariya. 9 Wounded in Kiryat Yam rocket strike, one serious.

5:09 PM Rocket attacks continue -- direct hit on home in Kiryat Yam with injuires reported. Ar Raid sirens in Nahariya and Maalot.

4:49 PM Katyusha hits reported near Metulla and Zichron Yaakov. No reports of injuries.

4:44 PM Air Raid Sirens in Kiryat Shmona, Galilee Panhandle, Zichron Yaakov, Binyamina, Natzrat, Afula, Migdal HaEmek and Haifa...

4:43 PM Katyusah rockets land in the Golan injuires reported.

4:31 PM Reports of 2 seriously wounded in Krayot rocket attack.

4:25 PM Public building hit in Krayot (near Haifa) by Katyusha rocket. No injuries being reported...

Want to see how useful (and impartial) UNIFIL is? Got this picture a few minutes ago...of a UNIFIL position in Lebanon. Note the UN and Hizbolla flags flying side by side.

Photo Credit: Geoff Clein

4:19 PM Additional rocket strikes in Haifa and surrounding areas. Possible wounded...MDA responding.

4:07 PM Air Raid siresn in Nahariya...heavy bombardment of Haifa...double digit rocket injuries reported.

3:26 PM Direct hit on public building in Kiryat Shmona...forces responding.

3:09 PM Over 20 explosions heard in Beirut...Israeli government approves "cease fire" from UN security council, with only Shaul Mofaz abstaining (previously, he was the defense minister that watched Hizbolla arm itself since the IDF left Lebanon 6 years ago)...Air Raid Sirens in Kiryat Shmona, Galilee Panhandle, Carmiel and Peki'in...Over 160 Katyusha rockets have hit Northern Israel today...

2:35 PM Air Raid sirens in Kiryat Shmona, Galilee Panhandle, Nahariya, Kfar Vradim, Cabri, and Shlomi.

2:12 PM Volley of Katyusha Rockets land in Tzefat and Meiron.

2:04 PM At 1:46 PM, an IAF Black Hawk helicopter landed at Rambam hospital in Haifa with wounded IDF soldiers. Let's hope thats the last helicopter transport needed today.

2:02 PM Air Raid Sirens in Carmiel and Tzefat. Rocket strikes in Carmiel and Metulla. No reports of injuries.

1:47 PM South Lebanon: Number of critically wounded soliders evacuated to Israel for treatment.

1:38 PM Fierce Fighting in South Lebanon. Respecting the request of the IDF censor, we are not reporting certain events.

1:31 PM Air Raid sirens in Tzefat and Ramot Naftali.

1:15 PM IDF First Sergeant Ami Mishulami, who was killed in combat yesterday in Lebanon, is the first casualty from the evicted communities of Gush Katif from last year. He and his family were evicted from Nitzarim and they moved to the settlement of Ofra in the Binyanim/Shomron region. His wife Yonat is pregnant with their first child.

IDF Staff Sergeant Keren Tendler, 26, from Rechovot is the first female IDF soldier to be killed in the current war. She was a mechanic aboard the downed IAF helicopter in Lebanon.

Keren Tendler

There are currently fierce battles going on in the area of the downed helicopter, as the IDF and IAF are trying to recover the bodies of the missing IAF helicopter crew.

Air Raid sirens sounding in Kiryat Shmona.

1:09 PMAir Raid Sirens in Nahariya

12:48 PM Just to give you a taste of the feeling of people's anger in Israel today -- every single radio station is talking about "the investigation" which will have to take place in light of the government and IDF's handling of the current war, lack of preparedness, and years of ignoring the Hizbollah's arming in the North. What's most telling is that a senior minister in the government was quoted on IDF radio this morning (anonymously, of course), saying that the only possible solution for political survival for Olmert, Peretz, Peres, Livni, Mofaz...and IDF Commander in Chief, Dan Halutz -- was based on the classic quote from Benjamin Franklin, "We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

12:43 PM I saw this picture in the paper a week ago, and got it by email today. A family in the North removed strategic roof tiles so that the light from their attic spells out "BiHatzalacha" (Good Luck) -- its clearly visible to all IAF planes and helicopters flying into Lebanon from Israel....

12:30 PM Rockets land in Kiryat Shmona. Over 120 Katyusha rockets fired at Northern Israel today (highest number to date). Many fires reported.

12:18 PM Air Raid sirens in Maalot. Five soldiers wounded by Katysuha rocket attacks near Tzefat. 2 People wouded in Ya'ara, in addition to an elderly person who was killed.

11:55 AM As Katyusha rockets continue to rain down in Israel -- a group of American Jews has decided to join their counterparts in condeming Israel and solidly expressing their solidarity with the peoples of Gaza and Lebanon.

"As Jews of conscience living in the United States, we are outraged by the violence being perpetrated in our name both as Jews and as U.S. citizens. We, the undersigned, represent Jews across the United States who are choosing to stand in solidarity with the peoples of Gaza and Lebanon."
Who the heck are these people?

11:51 AM Air Raid Sirens in Nahariya, Kabari, Kefar Vradim, Maalot, Shlomi and Yichiam. As of 15 minutes ago, over 60 Katyushas have fallen in Israel this morning.

11:43 AM One killed in Katyusha attack in Ya'ara near Shlomi.

11:28 AM Air Raid sirens sounding sporadically in Northern Israel. 1 injured seriously. Rocket lands near Shlomi. Major property damage to factory in the Galilee Panhandle.

My wife is part of a group of women that make sandwiches for IDF soldiers in our area. Every week, it's someone else's turn to buy drinks, pitot, deli, humus, techina and make it all presentable -- and the sandwiches make their way to different combat units in the Shomron. Nothing to do with the war...they've been doing it for a long time. Our neighborhood has many projects like this; cakes for shabbat to soldiers, inviting soldiers for shabbat meals...and during major IDF operations, people have even done laundry for soldiers, or let them shower at their homes.

This morning, instead of going to the makolet (neighborhood grocery), I was sent to a supermarket farther away to buy the neccessary supplies for sandwiches for our soldiers. 20 pitot...2 packs of deli...boxes of drinks...and I was the only person on line at the checkout counter.

I put the items on the conveyor belt, and it starts to move, whirring the items towards the cashier. She raises her head and starts to register the items...and her cellphone rings.

She pauses.

She answers the phone...and I'm waiting...

I can immediately see this isn't a regular phone call.

Tears start rolling down her cheeks...and 2 feet away from me, she starts sobbing and murmurs something into the phone and hangs up.

She looks away from me, distracted, far-far away.

I ask as politely and sympathetically as possible, "Whats wrong?"

With red eyes, she turned to me...looked up...and said the worst news everyone is afraid of hearing, "My neighbor's son was just killed in Lebanon."


In your face.

At the supermarket.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Olah Chadasha said...

Hey, in case you've been too busy, I wrote some stuff and posted interviews and articles about this win for the terrorists. You should check it out. "I'm tired of fighting." Can you impeach a Prime Minister???

Sarah Likes Green said...

baruch dayan emet.

westbankmama said...

Oy, baruch dayan haemet. I still cling to Rav Aryeh Levin's statement that Hashem counts every tear that we Jews shed over our loved ones, and that none of them go to waste.


This sickens me.,7340,L-3290107,00.html

scroll down and also look at the 10 reasons thing, too.

I do not knnow what to think. It's scarry.


That story you posted is heartbreaking. I am so sorry for her and all that have lost loved ones. Its so very sad.

Thinking of you all.


The HIZBOLLAH leaders are the biggest cowards . I saw one of the articles below showed a captured Hizbolahh fighter was treated in an Israeli hospital and told them there was no mention to them that there was a ceasefire. How sad and cowardly of them. Pure scum.,7340,L-3290389,00.html,7340,L-3290492,00.html

Jack Steiner said...

baruch dayan emet.

Erica said...

Ach ... Baruch dayan emes ... that is so heartbreaking ...

... [btw - that faux-Jewish solidarity group, just for the record ... they completely undermine and have no comprehension of what the word "solidarity" even means.]

Olah Chadasha said...

I'm going to go for 7:00.01 AM.


Any word on whether they retreived the soldiers in the helicopter crash? PLease someone advise.
Prayers for all.

kishnevi said...

I scrolled down the "solidarity list" and was glad to find not a single name that I recognized. Given the addresses and organizations mentioned, I suspect most of them are "intellectuals" connected to colleges and/or leftist activists. Is there an Hebrew equivalent for the American "Uncle Tom"?
Although I did find it amusing that one Arab signer (going by his name) was honest enough to give his address as "East Jerusalem, Israel".

A Frum Idealist said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A Frum Idealist said...

that's one of the differences between us and them. I saw a Dry Bones cartoon which unfortunately hit the mark, the bottom line was that it had Nasrallah saying that the Hezbollah is always happy, because whether Israelis die, or they die, in either case they are happy. With us, it's different. Every soul is precious. We feel each loss. Unfortunately it reminds me of when the suicide/homocide attacks started a few years back, and "ein bayit asher ein sham met" everyone knew of someone either close friend or family that was killed.
Baruch Dayan Haemet.
Hashem Yinkom Damam.

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