Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Updates from Israel - 8th of Av.

10:07 PM Video of rockets falling in Nahariya today.

9:53 PM Video from IDF Spox on nighttime IDF commando operation.

9:33 PM Fasting now in Israel...lamenting the tragedies that befell our people, and what caused them.

IDF Soldier wounded in Aya'ata A-Shab, South Lebanon, dies of wounds.

Rockets land near Maaleh Yosef in the North

As of 7:30 PM this evening, over 210 rockets landed in Northern Israel.

5:12 PM Air Raid Sirens sounding in Haifa and the Krayot.

5:05 PM Israel Police reports over 190 rockets landed in Israel so far today...

5:02 PM rockets landing in Nahariya, Sirens again in Akko.

4:46 PM This is turning out to be one of our worst days yet up North. There are mid-range rockets landing in Afula (4), sirens currently going off in Teverya, Chatzor, Tzefat, Naztrat and Migdal HaEmek. Previously in the past few hours there were rockets landing in Akko. Seems like we're back in the thick of things. Over 150 rockets launched so far today.

1:51 PM Woman killed in Kibbutz Saar up North from direct Katyusha hit. Katyusha's landing all over the north.

1:17 PM Long range rockets land near Afula and near Jenin over 100 kilometers away from Northern Israel-Lebanese border. No injuries reported.

12:30 PM Over 50 rockets shot at Northern Israel, including the Golan over the past hour from South Lebanon. 2 moderately wounded, 2 lightly.

News sources report (but not confirmed in Israeli press) that 17 IDF soldiers wounded this morning in fighting.

Last night, IDF commandos captured 5 Hizbolla fighters from Ba'albek -- 100 kilometers away from the Israel/Lebanon border. In a daring raid, under heavy covering fire from the IAF, the commandos landed in 2 Black Hawk helicopters, and in a 4 hour covert operation, killed 11 Hizbolla terrorists and captured 5. More details as they become public...

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I say BRING IT ON. The USA is ready when they are ! What do you think abou this ?
Caught this article here..

Iran Prepares For War With Israel And U.S.
Filed under: Front Page, USA, Israel, war, Iran, Hezbollah, Lebanon
The authoritative Middle East News Line has confirmed that Iran has ordered preparations for war with Israel and the United States.

In the first such order, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has ordered its more than 300,000 troops to prepare for a confrontation with Israel and the United States. IRGC has directed as well as participated in the Hezbollah war against Israel.

“Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards and Basij [a branch of the IRGC] should prepare themselves to get even with Zionists and Americans,” IRGC commander Maj. Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi said. “The supreme leader [Ali Khamenei] will announce the time for this.”

Safavi said Iran would avenge Israeli air attacks on Lebanon. He said the Israeli military was aided by aircraft and weapons from the United States.

“We have to keep this sacred hatred of the enemies of Islam alive in our hearts until the time of revenge comes,” Safavi said on July 30. “I hope our nation can one day avenge the blood of innocent people in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. I ask God to arouse the dignity of Muslims and destroy America, Israel and their associates.”

Yesterday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki discussed strategy in Beirut with Hezbollah and Lebanese leaders. Mottaki’s visit, welcomed by France, took place as the Lebanese leadership was said to have drawn closer to Iran during the current war with Israel.

Western intelligence sources said IRGC has deployed nearly 1,000 soldiers in Lebanon, many of them along the border with Syria. The sources said IRGC officers participated in the battle against Israel for Bint Jbail, about three kilometers from the Jewish state.

So far, Iran has denied that it sent fighters to Lebanon. But Teheran has reported efforts by so-called volunteers to aid Hezbollah.

“We haven’t deployed any forces there [Lebanon],” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said. “If we choose to give them future military support, we will announce it. We have no fear of Mr. [U.S. President George] Bush and company.”

Meanwhile, reliable Iranian sources report that Hezbollah has established a submarine unit trained by Iran to strike Israeli naval facilities along the Mediterranean Sea.

Hezbollah operatives have been trained as frogmen and operators of mini-submarines that could penetrate Israeli defenses. They said Iran plans to supply several such mini-subs to Hezbollah for sabotage operations as well as attacks on Israeli shipping.

“Hezbollah has already established a submarine unit as well as naval commandos who could land almost anywhere along the Israeli coast,” an Iranian source said.

The sources said the IRGC has overseen the effort to build Hezbollah’s navy. They said IRGC has produced mini-subs as well as procured commercial underwater platforms that could be transformed to military use.

Hezbollah has also established a naval commando unit, the sources said. They said the unit has acquired and operated Chinese-manufactured speed boats.

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