Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Diskin speaks out

Some scary results of the expulsion...

(from Arutz 7)
In a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Tuesday, Shabak (General Security Service) chief Yuval Diskin told MKs that Gazan terror groups had been strengthened by the results of Israel’s war in the north.
Diskin said that Gaza’s terror groups have been smuggling Katyusha and Grad missiles into Gaza at a steady pace, preparing to implement the lessons they learned from Hizbullah.


Shabak (General Security Service) chief Yuval Diskin, in his briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Tuesday, said that the IDF is having difficulty maintaining control over the areas of northern Samaria from which Jews were forcibly evicted last summer.
Diskin said that maintaining intelligence information on the terror organizations that now dominate the area was made much more difficult by Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal.

as well as

MK Natan Sharansky (Likud), responding to Shabak (General Security Service) chief Yuval Diskin’s briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Tuesday, said it was the most alarming security assessment he had ever been privy to in his lengthy political career.
"For ten years I have been hearing security reports. I have never heard such an unequivocal and frightening report that calls for immediate action,” Sharansky said. "Every kind of weapon, except for tanks and airplanes, are getting into the Gaza Strip through the Philadelphi Route, including terrorist experts who have been trained in Iran. Hamas is establishing a terrorist army in Gaza.”

That's the New Middle East for you.

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If the scumbags in Gaza start lauching attacks on Irael from Gaza with those rockets and such then it will have to be dealth with just like Hezloblahh was dealt with. The innocent people in that strip (if there are any)need to evacuate to Egypt or Lebanon or whereever and Israel needs to clean up the place there and get the scum out of that area. If it's not doen there will never be any kind of peace for Israel. It just goes on and on. It needs to stop AND STOP SOON.
I get sick thinking about why the people of such a beautiful society have to continue to live in fear of their lives everyday ! I am so sorry this goes on over there. The cult of Islamic terrorists has been allowed to grow and grow over the years so much that it has infested the world like termites. It needs to be stopped ! The whole world is at risk of being destroyed by these maniacs !
Just my take. I get so angry thinking about what I am seeing all over the word going on everyday.

aliyah06 said...

This surprises anyone? We saw this coming if the Retreat, oops, Disengagement went through, didn't we?

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