Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday in Israel. August 6th

10:04 PM Three killed, over 65 wounded in tonight's rocket attack on Haifa. Four locations were hit, at least one building collapsed, and people are still being instructed to stay in bomb shelters. 12 IDF soldiers killed from rocket attack in Kfar Giladi.

8:51 PM 1 Killed, 30 wounded, 1 critically in barrage of Kayusha attacks on Haifa. One of the hits was a 220mm Syrian missle, which collapsed a building.

7:30 PM A 12th soldier has died of his wounds in Rambam hospital in Haifa.

5:57 PM Daily stats: 160 Rockets. 11 Dead. 52 wounded, 38 still in hospital.

5:55 PM Olmert plays rough with European leaders.
"Where do they get the right to preach to Israel?" Olmert said when asked about criticism from European capitals of Israeli military operations that have led to a heavy civilian toll.
"European countries attacked Kosovo and killed ten thousand civilians. Ten thousand! And none of these countries had to suffer before that from a single rocket."
No word if the Europeans felt the slightest amount of embaressment, or just kind of muttered "Yeah...well that's a bit different".

5:37 PM Reuters has admitted the picture of Beirut mentioned earlier was faked. No one is surprised.

5:36 PM 11th soldier dies of wounds from Katyusha attack on Kfar Giladi.

4:29 PM Rocket hits house in Shlomi, security forces on their way.

4:18 PM Beit Kenneset also hit by rocket. No word of international condemnation of attack on religious site.

4:17 PM 96 rockets fired into Northern Israel so far today.

3:37 PM IDF foils another suicide bombing - last night forces caught woman near Shchem with 4-kg explosive belt. After a chase, the woman threw the belt out a car window. Woman and 4 others arrested.

3:29 PM Reports of direct Katyusha hit on house in the Krayot (Haifa area). Forces responding.

3:10 PM Sirens as far south as Zichron Yaakov.

2:51 PM Barrage of rockets fall on Kiryat Shmoneh, Haifa, Kiryot. No report of injuries.

2:34 PM Recently declassifed: One of the Hizbullah terrorists captured in commando ops in the last week (in Tyre and Ba'albek) was one of the kidnappers of the 2 soldiers along Lebanese border.

2:14 PM IDF Women Soldiers. YNET has a report of female IDF reservists who are part of the war effort. When I was up North 8 days ago, there was a female IDF medic assigned to our ambulance crew. She was drafted with emergency "tzav-8" call up orders, and we had some very interesting conversations. She was also American...and had only moved to Israel a few years earlier, yet her Hebrew was fantastic, and she was thrilled to be able to help as a medic for the IDF.

1:44 PM Air Raid sirens thorughout the North...Rockets land in Northern Golan Heights and Tzefat. Apparently Katyusha in Kfar Giladi hit IDF ammunition dump.

1:29 PM Air Raid Sirens in Carmiel and surrounding areas.

1:11 PM general Palestinian Population in PA controlled Shechem celebrates upon hearing the news that 10 were killed in Kefar Giladi. Taxi drivers plastering cars with posters of Nasralla. (YNET in Hebrew) Channel 10 TV reporting that the bomb threat in the PM's only a suspected bomb, and the probability of it being an actual bomb is decreasing.

1:07 PM Confirmed Reports!!! High probability of attempt to smuggle a bomb into the Israeli PM's office. In other news, rockets land in Haifa...and surrounding areas. (Litvshe adds: Remenants of explosives detected on bag of BBC reporter.)

1:03 PM Breaking News: Unconfirmed Reports of high probablility of XRAY finding bomb in bag in PM's office. Entire office evacuated.

12:56 PM MDA reports 10 killed in Kfar Giladi. Israel Channel 2 TV reporting that 9 of the 10 are IDF reserve soldiers.

12:43 PM Reports of wildbrush fires in Nahariya area resulting from Katyusha attacks. No reports of injuries.

12:41 PM MDA reporting 9 dead, 4 seriously wounded in direct katyusha hit in Kfar Giladi

12:33 PM MDA declares Mass Casualty Event in Kfar Gildi due to large number of seriously wounded in Katyusha attack.

12:24 PM Rocket attacks in Northern Israel, hitting Kiryat Shmona and surrounding areas. Direct hit on home in Kefar HaGiladi. At least 5 seriously wounded...upstates soon.

11:49 AM WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES OF IDF SOLDIERS. You will not see these pictures in ANY foreign publication...only here at the Muqata. You have been warned! (hat-tip: The Mrs. @ The Muqata and her sisters)

11:34 AM Michael Levin - A Fallen Hero

Originally from Philadelphia, Michael Levin, 21, had been living in Jerusalem for the past five months. He made aliya as a lone soldier when he was 18 and lived on Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi before enlisting in the army.

Michael was visiting his parents in the US when fighting erupted in the north. He decided to cut his vacation short and come back to join his platoon.

Michael first came to Israel as a student at AMHSI in 2001. It was that time that we at Norman's, met Michael.

Together with Yossi Katz, his teacher and friend at AMHSI, Norman's restaurant have created a memorial page here.

11:31 AM Yisrael Meidad presents another MDA volunteer's experience up North. Yasher Kochachem!

11:15 AM Deconstructing Kfar Qana. Naomi Ragen has the whole, updated scoop -- read it here. See how the "professionals" doctor the scene to blame Israel. Read more about it here.

10:15 AM Katyusha Rockets land in Katzrin (Golan Heights). Damage reported, no injuries. Other locations hearing sirens, Ramot Naftali, and others (can't confirm where)
Yesterday (Shabbat) alot of rockets fell in the Haifa area. See lots of pictures of the damage here

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael



Thanks for the links. Nice story. They had it here in the states on Fox. What a great guy !


Whats going on there today is all over Fox News this morning live ! I do not sleep a lot these days, so I am still up. Will follow it today. God bless all of the fallen soldiers you have lost fighting for your Great country ! GOD BLESS ISRAEL AND ALL ITS PEOPLE.

ANASTASIA said...,7340,L-3285781,00.html

Hope you get some of these. WOOHOO. :o)

Litvshe said...

I actually knew Michael. He came to Israel with USY on their NATIV program 4 years ago. I also took part in the same program quite a few years previously. We go every year to the reunion and meet the new kids and see who stayed to do the Army or go to Yeshiva. May his memory be a blessing.


Time to turn up the heat. No more mercy on the Hezlobloh. The villages need to be cleared out and turned into rubble all along the border from one end to another. Carpet bombs ! I am really not a War Monger at heart but this sickens me. I have Cnn on now. Its on now. I hope they don't tell lies when it gets to the other side of the border reporting. WIsh I could get your TV here.


Check out the losers blogs. One of them was posting here earlier. They are cowards and took down their site.

bluke said...

I have a series of posts debunking Qana as well

What happened in Kfar Kana?
What really happened in Kfar Kana II?
More Kfar Kana discrepancies

I also have a post about the Delegitimization of Israel as a State which regardless of what happens in the current war is definately going to be the next battleground.

Israel's right to exist is being called into question

YMedad said...

Those pictures are way out of date and are from Pal. territory. I think they are non-relevant to today's situation even though I posted this quote on my blog:

"The soldiers expressed great frustration that Hezbollah made use of civilian locations from which to strike, regroup and resupply.

"The lines are very blurred," said infantryman Jason Reich, 24.

Gabe Avner, 21, recalled seeing an elderly Lebanese woman carrying a sack of food from one house to another. He suspected she might have been helping a Hezbollah fighter. But he could not know for sure.

"Obviously I can't shoot her and have that on my conscience," he said."

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ymeded: Maybe -- because they are so out of date is the reason no one will print them ;-)


What can I do to help Israel.

I want to do what I can. This is getting heartbreaking for me.

God bless you all.

Renegade said...

"and people kept telling me that they arent IDF but American soliders"

anybody that says that doesn't know what an IDF or U.S. Army uniform looks like.

abby said...

i believe the reason ppl were saying they were not idf soldiers was because the first photo of the soldier petting the kitten was included in an email with several other photos of soldiers in fatigues that were clearly american soldiers in iraq.

these are great photos of CLEARLY israeli soldiers.


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