Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday...August 18

6:01 PM Fine, I just had to add the following.

1. Important News Update from AP (via YNET)

Wife of Fox News cameraman kidnapped in Gaza makes tearful plea for his release

The wife of a Fox News cameraman kidnapped in Gaza made a tearful plea Friday for
information about the whereabouts of her husband and a fellow Fox journalist.

Cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand, and American 0reporter Steve Centanni, 60, were taken Monday from their TV van near the Palestinian security services headquarters. (AP)

You have to wonder why news agencies and camera crews continue to trust Palestinians/Hizbolla. What did they expect would happen in Gaza -- that the Palestinians would grant them freedom of expression?

2. Though almost all the IDF reservists have left South Lebanon and have been replaced by the Lebanese Army (and regular IDF soldiers), many reservists are still "drafted" and aren't being sent home. Seems like round two is coming soon.

3. Hizbolla is paying (via Iran) every family in Lebanon whose home was bombed by the IDF -- $12,000.

Shabbat Shalom.

5:43 PM The shnitzel is done, and I'm grilling the chicken hour left till mincha and shabbat. Was it only a week ago that rockets were falling everywhere and there was fierce fighting between the IDF and Hizbolla in South Lebanon? Every ten minutes, a news update, another air-raid siren, and the tension of "when are the rockets going to hit Tel-Aviv..."

And's out of the news. Slowly, people are returning to the bombed cities of Northern Israel. The police are finding dozens of katyusha rockets which hadn't been located before. The JNF is reporting that 12,000 dunam of trees at a cost of 40 million NIS were destroyed. The total war cost is expected to exceed 10 Billion NIS...

And yet, the next war is lurking just around the corner, since none of the objectives of WHY we went to war were accomplished.

And words like "Hudna" and "Cease-fire" are Arabic for "Reload"

Shabbat Shalom - catch you next week.


4:29 PM For those of you who wanted to see the video the other day from "Uvda" -- where a reporter is "embedded" with a Nachal infantry brigade in Lebanon, here is a google video link (shortened to 15 minutes...) Worth viewing here. It works better on google then on the previous page...

1:30 PM Our friend in the UN.

1:10 PM Erev Shabbat I'll be grilling chicken and shnitzel later, so I'll be able to blog more then. Till then, some interesting news items:

1. Chaim Ramon, Kadima MK and Minister of Justice will be stepping down from his government ministry position on Sunday, after Attorney General announces that criminal charges of sexual harresment to be brought agains Ramon.

2. Police investigating rape allegations againt Israeli President, Moshe Katzav. Upgraded from sexual harrasment, the charges are getting more serious by the day.

3. Investigation against Israeli Prime Minister, Kadmia MK Ehud Olmert for financial imporieties when buying a house at a very reduced rate to give political kickbacks to the contractor. Without any connection to the moral fiber of Olmert, Caroline Glick has a scathing OpEd piece against him and his government in today's Jerusalem Post.

What annoyed me the most was Olmert's comment yesterday that his administration would never conduct a government investigation of "how the current war is being run."(After all, according to Olmert, "We Won")

4. Hmmm...who else? Ah yes, Kadimda MK and head of Israel's Security Committee, Tzachi Hanegbi was ALSO indicted...something about incorrect political appointees for party hacks.

5. Anyone else from Kadima? Let's give it another few days...

6. In case you had any doubts about the success of the war, there are currently Hizbolla terrorists in Bint Jebeil (the same town the IDF "cleaned out" 3 times) with their flags flying, observing IDF soldiers from Hizbolla outposts. Hizbolla flags along the border next to Metulla. I'll try to put up the pics soon while I'm grilling chicken.


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


YMedad said...

I had this poster up on Monday:

Hey, let's pick our heads up from our own blogs and look around. A coordinated effort carries a more powerful punch in the battle for the minds of men.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YMedad: Yes, you are correct...but I don't have TIME these days...will try to visit more often :)

Josh M. said...

3. Hizbolla is paying (via Iran) every family in Lebanon whose home was bombed by the IDF -- $12,000.

I'm glad. It's not like the Lebanese people were going to start a popular uprising against Hezbollah, anyway, and any Lebanese who are against Hezbollah because of the pain they've brought upon them won't be pacified by this afterthought act of generosity. This being the case, it's a positive thing that the mostly-innocent civilians (whatever percentage they comprise) are being helped - and especially that the bill is being footed by Iran, who wouldn't be doing anything kosher with their money, otherwise.


I have heard the talking heads on TV today, talking about the war. I personally do not agree with all that is being said.
I think that all countries that are of the civilized world should ban together within their political forums and quit bickering. The world watches all of this, especially the Terrorist countries and they laugh about it.
I do not think this is a good thing. They all need to get a grip and unite together or the terrorists will never be defeated.
What do you think.?? If political parties are going to fight among one another then keep it in a closed session ! It's really bad here in the USA. I am sick of it actually ! Put a stop to it there. Not a good thing.

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H I find this poster to be very offensive! It is very degrading to coffee, and thus to coffee drinkers. (tongue firmly in cheek)

Anonymous said...

That shabbos food sounds delicious; would it be possible to meet said chef some time this year?

Anonymous said...

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