Monday, August 28, 2006

The Committee...s?

Let the War of the Amnons Begin!

Seems there will be two investigative committees to check into the latest "Lebanese Conflict".
In this corner...Committee #1 run by the first Amnon. Amnon Rubenstein, founder of Shinui and leader of Meretz party, will be running the investigation of the behavior of the Government leading up to and during the conflict.

And in this corner...Committee #2 run by the other Amnon. Amnon Lipkin-Shakhak, former Chief of Staff, the fellow who negotiated the Gaza-Jericho first deal and Knesset Member for the ill-fated Center Party, will be heading up the second committee which will be tasked with looking into the behavior of the Army during this period.

Ok Amnons, I want a clean fight, since I know you're going to screw it up, try not to make it too obvious.

The war of the Amononim has been cancelled! Amnon Rubenstein has refused to head up the investigative committee. I may need to apologize to Soccor Dad, since it seems Amnon R. doesn't want to be set up for a fall.
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Soccer Dad said...

You don't think that Rubinstein's capable of honesty? I have more confidence that Amnon R. will be honest than that Amnon L-S. will be. I never used to like R. but in recent years he's shown an intellectual honesty missing from much of the Left.

Litvshe said...

I'm personally of the opinion that the number of Israeli politicians capable of honesty, especially in something so politically charged at this aproaches zero. Heck, I don't think I'd trust myself.

Soccer Dad said...

You don't owe me an apology.
I have my judgment of the man and you have yours.
There's nothing to apologize for.

YMedad said...

Now it all depends on the honesty of Ruth Gavison

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