Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bravery Under Fire.

The Air Raid sirens have been quiet for a day, yet the fighting continues in South Lebanon. 5 Hizbollah terrorists killed by one IDF unit, 6 wounded IDF soldiers in another...firefights continue in different sectors.

And the funerals continue.

I just came back from a funeral which I will blog about later, but first, I had to post this story of bravery under fire by our IDF soldiers. It's translated from a forum on an Israeli website, rotter.net

As a friend of the Gomez family from Nechalim, whose son Daniel was one of the pilots of the IAF helicopter which was shot down on Saturday night, the following was personally relayed to me, in first person, by the father of the family.

On Saturday night at 2:30 AM, [the IDF] called the Gomez family to inform them that the helicopter which was shot down, was that of their son, Daniel.

The Air Force Base commander informed them in the morning that they would try to extricate and bring the bodies home for burial to Israel on Sunday night. Patrick, Daniel's father told the commander it would be very difficult for him if any additional soldiers would be wounded during the operation to bring his son's body home.

"My son was killed, I don't want to endanger the lives of other soldiers to bring my son's body back," he said.

The base commander wisely replied, "This isn't your decision, it is our decision alone."

The Air Force rabbi of the base recounted that he had to give a "halachik" lecture to the rescue team, which was comprised from 2 elite units. "Normally, I argue with them over [the kashrut laws] of dairy and meat, but at that moment, everyone was poised to carry a holy mission, in the most correct way possible."

The rescue team was airlifted that night by helicopter into Lebanon, and heavy fire was directed at them. The "machat" battalion commander ordered the pilots not to land and return home to base. The rescue team unanimously decided to ignore the direct command, and try to land and carry out the mission.

They successfully landed in Lebanon, and the helicopters safely returned home.

The rescue team located the bodies of 4 out of the 5 Air Crew from the crashed helicopter (the 5th body, that of Karen Tendler, the flight mechanic was located and returned yesterday), and the team walked back 4 kilometers carrying the bodies of their comrades to Israel's Northern border.

We may have lost the war because of petty politicians and stock-portfolio generals -- but the bravery and heroism of our soldiers, and the unity of the rest of the country when under fire, is what keeps us going.

And we will yet be victorious.

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Jerusalemcop said...

amazing story. thanks for passing it on Jameel.

It's unfortunate that we generally only hear of these kind of stories in desperate times like these.

May the souls of all of our fallen soldiers be remembered for their bravery under fire and show us the light towards redemption.


JJ said...

"We may have lost the war because of petty politicians and stock-portfolio generals - but the bravery and heroism of our soldiers, and the unity of the rest of the country when under fire, is what keeps us going."

How right you are.

bec said...

"We may have lost the war because of petty politicians and stock-portfolio generals..."

we didn't lose the war.
we merely lost a battle.
there is no way that we won't ultimately prevail.
thank g*d for the idf, they are the most amazing army in the world.


I am happy to hear that all of the bodies of the helicopter crew were recovered.
Bless the familes of all these soldiers.
Bless you all. I hope there will be for some time to come.

If anyone hears anything about the Kidnapped Fox news people, please post it. Thanks.
No one has come forward so far to claim that they have them. This is very sad. Steve Cetanni is 60 years old. I know his family is worried.

westbankmama said...

I didn't know that they WALKED back four kilometers with the bodies. Unbelievable. Why is it we don't have the leaders we deserve?

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Jameel: I'm sorry I haven't commented here in quite a bit. Your post caught my eye. You're right. The politicians we have in office right now are bad excuses for Jewish leaders and I wonder whether they even consider themselves the leaders of the Jewish State. But our soldiers are amazing when it comes to carrying out missions under fire.

I saw a report on arutz 2 the other day about a soldier(also from the Nachal, I believe) who fainted from a wound while under fire. When he heard voices in Arabic around him he told his driver to shoot him before the Hezbollah got to him. Fortunately, his friends rescued him and he was brought home.


Greg that was a heart wrenching comment about the soldier. I am glad he was rescued.

I know in my heart that this not not going to quit any time soon. Maybe for a while, I do not know, but I feel that Iran & Syria are so very evil that that will stop at nothing. Be strong and Bless You all, all the time. You are in my heart and prayers always.

We are not safe here either. I know its a matter of time before someting else happens. Our county is so big and there are so many things that these evil scum of the earth can do to harm us. I try not to worry, as I trust in God and when its my time to go he will take me and I will be in a better place I know. I fear not as I am ready to go if he wants me. That's the only way you can really look at it.
I do however stay on the lookout for anything that is out of the ordinary that I notice. That's all we can do. Just stay on our toes. It's sad people all over the world have to live this way now days but there's not a lot you can do about these sicko's.
Guess they need to be showered with prozac. Think that woudl help ? LOL

Love to all !

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