Tuesday, August 04, 2009

(Ehud) Barak: US to soon unveil regional peace plan

All the major Israeli papers are reporting that Defense Minister Ehud Barak (who recently had a marathon of meetings with senior Obama officials), announced that Obama will soon be unveiling His regional peace plan (Hashem Yishmor).

Barak also announced that he believes that Israel should fully support it (Hashem Yishmor). No surprises there.

I wish the Obama administration would stop flip-flopping and either decide they will announce it soon, or decide they aren't announcing it soon. But changing their message every other week is becoming annoying. Do we gear up to protest or don't we? One day yes, next day no. It's wrecking havoc on my scheduling.

I imagine it must be worse for people in America, who have to deal with Him on so many more issues.

At least the Obama administration was definitive today in that they recognized the legitimacy of the Ahmediginidad government.

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Seth said...

Please don't remind me... one good thing about the Obama presidency is that it gets me closer and closer to Aliyah

Michael Sedley said...

Hey a new Peace Process, what a great idea.

I'm betting that it'll include the following (just like every other "New" peace Process):

- Israel stops building "Settlements" and promises to give the Palestinians a state based on the 67 armistice line.

- The Palestinians make a declaration in English about how horrible terrorism is (which they can renounce afterwards in Arabic)

- The Americans give more guns and money to the Palestinians

- Shortly after the agreement is concluded there is a sharp increase in terrorism (which no one expected, because this is a "New" Peace Process, so it shouldn't have the same result as the "Old" peace process)


Your Favorite Blogger said...

Sorry - if it wasn't in July, then its all a pack of lies.

Obama is an ardent supporter of Israel and the Jews.

Just see his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel.

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