Thursday, August 06, 2009

Israel from Space

Taken from the International Space Station -- Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are clearly identifiable. Modi'in is there as well...

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Mrs. S. said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...


Wow, Israel is even beautiful from satellite at night!


yoni r. said...

Beit Shemesh (origianl, RBS-A, and RBS-B) is very clear as well. It's the three part blob visible below Modiin.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

You can see Ma'aleh Adumim clearly! Due East of Jerusalem.
This is really really neat. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There's a larger, annotated version at
as well as as some other interesting photos.

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