Friday, August 14, 2009

Who do you count among your friends?

J-Street likes to call itself a friend of Israel. It's likes to say that it's policies are for the good of Israel.

But then why are so many leaders of Muslim student groups, Arabs, State Department Arabists, Saudi businessmen and others who have never exactly shown any desire to see the existence of the State of Israel continued giving J-Street money?

Do they see a common goal?

In other news, Peace Now was forced to retract their attribution to Sdeh Calev near Hevron as being an illegal outpost, and acknowledge that it sits on Jewish owned land. The farm is considering further legal action for financial damages that were caused to them. Peace Now claims they were misled about the status.

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Anonymous said...

A bunch of traitors. J-Street is full of Israeli looney-leftists who couldn't sell their BS here in Israel so they went to America where they hope to find a more naive audience. The only connexion these traitors have to Judaism & the Jewish Community is in Israel-bashing.

Neshama said...

They have good company:'czars'

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