Thursday, August 13, 2009

Possible Abduction of IDF Soldier

10:00 PM Israel Time
The IDF censor has partially lifted the media blackout on this story.

The IDF is investigating the possible abduction of an IDF soldier.

At approximately 3 PM, a female IDF soldier reported seeing a an IDF soldier being forcibly thrown into a car near the Ben Gurion airport area.

As a result, traffic has snarled the country as the IDF has placed roadblocks throughout the Central area of Israel hoping to catch the terrorist kidnappers before reaching Palestinian controlled areas of the West Bank.

IAF helicopters were reported searching the area near the Ben Gurion airport and many flights were delayed as a result.

The quasy-reliable Palestinian news agency claims that the soldier was definitvely kidnapped and the soldier called the IDF as well to report his kidnapping.

A previously unknown group calling itself the "Al-Quds Army" claimed responsibility for the reported abduction in a statement sent to Ma'an.

"A group of our resistance fighters captured a Zionist soldier near Ben Gurion Airport and withdrew along with the soldier without incident … We will provide details about the captured soldier later," the statement said.

Meanwhile, reliable Israeli sources told Ma'an that a state of security alert prevailed inside Israel in response to a phone call from a soldier who said he had been abducted.

Israeli forces set up checkpoints on roads leading into major cities, although reports conflicted about the nature and intensity of the reported measures. Sources said heavy security checks were imposed on the road linking Tel Aviv to the city of Modi'in (part of which, Modi'in Ilit, is in the West Bank).

No major Israeli newspapers or agencies were reporting the abduction within the first few hours it was suspected, likely due to the country's tight military censorship policies. However, the ban on publication appeared to have been lifted by about 8pm Thursday night. PA propoganda news agency, Maan

Will update later, as details become clearer.

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annie said...

I just heard on Channel 2 news that it appears that no soldier has been kidnapped, baruch Hashem. Let's hope and pray this really is so.

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