Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Secret Six

Ari Shavit writes an interesting report in Haaretz today (not available/translated for the English edition) about the responsible leadership of Israel today. In atypical Haaretz fashion, the report flatters the real decision-makers as dedicated and responsible.

Entitled "The Secret Six," Shavit notes that as opposed to the irresponsibility and political infighting that dominated the previous Olmert administration, where policy, objectives and strategy were hurriedly and haphazardly cobbled together by Olmert and Tzippy Livni, Prime Minister Netanyahu has put together an effective, serious team of 6 players that research, weigh, and decide on Israel's most critical decisions.

The team is comprised of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman, and the 3 additional senior Likud Ministers -- Benny Begin, Dan Meridor, and Moshe Yaalon.

According to Haaretz, they routinely meet to discuss the number one issue threatening Israel: Nuclear Iran.

Leaving aside petty politics with zero media leaks, Begin, Meridor and Yaalon arrive at these closed door meetings fully prepared. They have done their homework, researched the topics, read required intelligence reports and they ask the right questions. Shavit adds that Netanyahu the Barak chair the meetings with a surprising level of attention to detail and intellect, and Leiberman contributes much, despite his public image as the power broker -- at these meetings, Leiberman is the thinker.

Every US diplomatic meeting in Middle Eastern countries over the past month have discussed Iran's nuclear program, and one thing is for certain. If Iran goes nuclear, the entire Middle East will follow -- Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are already poised to accelerate their nuclear programs if Iran succeeds in creating an atomic bomb.

Therefore, these 6 are involved in securing Israel's future. Shavit says America's the 3 phase plan against a Nuclear Iran is a failure 1) Dialog 2) Sanctions 3) Attack.

Dialog is a waste of time and sanctions are too little, too late.

He suggests that the strategic 6 find a creative solution for Israel's security and to get the Obama administration to wake up to the Iranian threat.

Personally, I'm far from a fan of Netanyahu's settlement freeze appeasement policy, yet the existence of this secret 6 inner cabinet is reassuring. While I may not sleep well at night with a nuclear threat from Iran, I do feel much better than when Olmert and Livni were playing little league politics with Israel's future.

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Renegade said...

"Leaving aside petty politics with zero media leaks"
so how do we know about it?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Renegade: Zero media leaks about the contents of the meetings...

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