Sunday, August 09, 2009

Rolling with loaded dice

Well, well, well.

It wasn't enough that J-Street's polls seem rigged, contrived and implausible to quite a lot of people.

Nope, it gets much better.

Commentary Magazine made an interesting discovery.

The company "hired" by J-Street to construct, run, and analyze their polls may not exactly be the most independent and unbiased of organizations in this matter.

But you wouldn't know that unless you decided to do a little digging.

After all, there is no connection between the company and J-Street on the staff page.

In fact, you have to dig down as far as the J-Street IRS 990 form to find out there seems be a potential problem here.

It turns out that the Jim Gerstein, Principal at Gerstein | Agne, which is the firm that designs, runs, and analyzes the polls is also the Vice President of J-Street!

That hardly sounds like a bit of independent bias free research to me.

Agenda-driven analysis is the first term that comes to my mind.

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J Street Contributions said...

Give credit to Commentary's Noah Pollak for his incisive reporting.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Neigh: The credit is hyperlinked in the post! (Full credit is given via hyperlinking to a story's source).

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